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  1. Former Redskins, Charley Casserly, on D. Hall and a 'must win situation'

    Wed, 31 Oct 2012

    Z in Washington dot com. One of the league's most electrifying a productive offenses well. With less than that this past Sunday vs the Steelers the Redskins now are looking to bounce back you get at W. As they host the Panthers I'm Jennifer Williams alongside Charley casserly. Charlie tricks and treats are you doing anything for calling. I've got travel and fortunately. My wife's got a handle home front there you have what's your favorite Halloween candy. Is that where I think they ought to going to be a sponsor to whip this candy sponsor us. Now as as they reconstructed. I like offense you borrow anything with chocolate peanut butter will go the Redskins have things dubbed as one of the most exciting teams to watch this year. But we saw that trick play where Josh Morgan was playing QB. Do they maybe need to get back to basics. Why I think one trick play here and there isn't really a problem I think they do emphasize basic football fundamental football. And what they try to do is you know they had they ran the option game and then they have this running game which really is tough to defend so I think this is a team that does emphasize fundamentals. RA and speaking of kind of fundamentals basics and there's also good players to use. DeAngelo Hall at what point would you step in as a GM because it seems like with. One week he's kind of mouthing off the next week he's saying I'm gonna be quiet I'm never doing it again and then he's back to the same old game and you saying earlier on another segment. you can check out on Comcast sports net that his production has hasn't been that great when you step in as a GM. While first in general manager you don't going get involved in player problems in every coach that's his job to get player problems you have constant communication with the head coach. Giving me your thoughts now the other head coach that's not strong can handle it. Then you got a bigger problem that Mike Shanahan is not that guy Mike Shanahan. You can handle these problems he's a guy who'll confront players one on one and tell exactly what he thinks in that situation Mike Shanahan is a strong coach he's handling this as bad as best as anyone can handle it real right now. And you mentioned Mike Shanahan he said Monday. That the Panthers game as a must win situation we rarely hear. The stoic a Shanahan speak like this you think. That it is must situations and and also is Mike Levine who don't wanna use the word desperate that you think my chance pretty worried about this season at this point. Well I Mike Shannon does a wanna have a losing season he misses about a football team but injuries have made this team not what it was in the beginning. This team is not as good as it was in the beginning of the season. Seoul would there are a team that's three win team at this point do. But it is a crucial game you're playing a team that struggled he really played great game against Chicago lost close there struggle they're on the ropes in general manager got fired. The owners put everybody on all notice right now so this is a team that's you got to smell blood and go get it and that's what I think Mike Shanahan views this game mass. Riley thank you so much we got to wrap this up because you need to sneak in some trick or treating we will. Thank you so much and thanks for writing CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Local athletes share their favorite Halloween costumes

    Wed, 31 Oct 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. Everyone has your favorite Halloween costume may be your your old school he put on a bench but it's not accurate ghost. And maybe you're blaming you say things like go look at just the sportscaster today. Iron Man like everyone else while our local athletes have their own ideas take He'd go back when got. this Giambi gave me and is solid with my be my guess who won the last him. I'm glad that mile from the in the Tarzan. Thinking college I was an apology from Jersey Shore on time at the long at the blow out. That's terrible they is awesome because it was funny because that's terrible look come on mommy mediated. Drawn to stories people who shape dinosaur out there when I was little so it's critical those pretty extensive. You wore that down I was like. Six seven. And no problem you know would have a scary person public Jason you know ball Freddie you know name like you know we just got that scare people and put on them. We're not in the league system like that. And yeah. It is doesn't enjoy our. A prestigious and his team has its to do you enjoy scaring kids that it comes in my house you can just stand there will still complexity on the yeah. So how weird is that it's on the you know that I got a son out but I do some so maybe at the practice if I'm not tired around to take him out for a some trick or or something I love the ninja turtles when I was younger so. That would be a favorite Always loved though Leonardo. Policy we in my opinion we're always Halloween parades this much at home videos. You know throughout the years like I could see myself in This parade selection I was ready. So like Hamels might scaring kids in that I feel like. Enjoy myself I mean it looked at house we have kind of grown and and on pitching people. I was a and stone Saints are coming on it's his hit it it's CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Terps set to move ahead with Petty at QB

    Wed, 31 Oct 2012

    Injuries have been a part of football from the very beginning but what's happened in the season is pretty ridiculous the terps have now lost all four of their quarterbacks for the rest of the season. The latest being Caleb so now they all turned away freshman linebacker Sean petty who. At least played quarterback in high school. I notice this is about as big a smile left on his face all year long what I've seen a morning others out on the scout team when you're yelling down from that give me the look Every time it comes in the meeting room where every time we've had a chance to sit down and meet. You know he's got a big smile on his face in. You know he played quarterback in high school and I think he really feels like he's a quarterback at heart. And I think he's really looking forward to the and always looking forward to the opportunity. As far as another quarterbacks he's not to step up and do the job done. the can and we by the rode around and tell them out because of we we don't give many companies pretty sure he won't have any confidence. We may have to have few guys step up. Maybe take a little more their plate. we're going to give ourselves a chance won't put a plan together that best fits whoever our starter is just at quarterback. Fits a good thing that petty will take the reigns as quarterback as a true freshman because. Wasn't too long ago he was and all that QB Greenbelt Eleanor Roosevelt high six foot 1230. Pounds so far from fifteen touchdown passes. And ran for ten war he never CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Wizards will use extended break to fix opening night mistakes

    Wed, 31 Oct 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. A day after coming up ten points short to the Cavaliers in the season opener head coach Randy Wittman took his team three detailed film session. Impart to show that they played out of character and not accustomed to the team he was watching in the pre season. There's a lot of is sure is a lot of you know trying to do too much but it is not a self I don't think it was a selfish way it was you know motor losing adrenaline just so high and when it. I'm going to have the greatest game. hole. I can have it seem kind of shows are the few times bigger first have to want. We want to miss came strong but then we kind of faded away there in the picked game but I would consistent consistency Washington had absolutely no answer for Anderson out who seemingly grabbed every rebound his way. A career best 23 to be exact fortunately when Randy turned Earl Barron who was the last guy to make the roster. He helped support the teams 140 run to take a two point lead before. But it wasn't enough for when opportunity knocked he opened the door. And this part of the reason I'm on this team because my engine not gonna play so because when I didn't do anything I couldn't spark this team and try to make a turnaround. No On the injured people don't follow record than we did make game. Rookie Bradley deal admitted he wasn't nervous but he was pressing. A poor shooting night happens but his efforts he admits affected other aspects of his game. I was all over the place them their wasn't. It's or actor will move fences uneasy. Closed if we planet that knows hardly see. I come out on don't play hard for them to EST should films aren't so differently from the relies. Washington now has three days to fix those problems from opening night Randy Wittman told me he's gonna use him as a mini camp to show that that's not a sign of things to come. But more of an aberration. At the rise consider Chris Miller CSN Washington CSN Washington dot com.