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  1. Maj. Iain Church sets Guinness World Record at MCM

    Wed, 31 Oct 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. I mean do inserts British army made you want to put on all of this gear and 126 point two miles. We got a pretty good about it Bob Holmes forces. It's like life was his generation. I'm an invite stipulated that teams have point one we need going. Well we had three teams and tonight It's a run because it from the Indians well. The nature of the guys injuries such that they can't compete. I'm so I feud is 19 about six months ago as the one minded and in idiocy. net and fortunate for me it. Will forcing out of them but unfortunately the time that. The organized so passed on to say if you come and say 61 shining lights. Right over. There ever a point you're training. Yeah and we get a sense in my training ran series. It was horrible. I'm not when subbing me about coming here and audit. I'm a minute to break and he us which which. six. And comments on whole C. A point success. Am I am is all that kind of constriction vision and on you you kind of David and it's a little bit and Excellent site. That went in it starts getting size putting holes at the you hear. Them raining here. That's that it that the pines the crowds the other run is especially well for votes in the them. It's. Hard. Making that the cut offs. It is the yet we. That this. Something off malls we lost the Marines. Guys and just lightning. Round the topic. made it hold my next sentence to be able. It's. The Braves it's as great as once did not need that as a team and that's I'm. Making it ten miles crimes. Nine years and I've kind of office and miles so seven miles Burris was Altman and you're far and away from the finish out. On amenities but it again trouncing of the runners at the moment. Camelback in victory at night that these exodus that just and from a place in this one is. Man that guys. Lightly and teachings answer. You are in Munich on that amount to believe it. Run a lot lately run out of that nets them. It. And some injuries I was saying but I'm. Looking at some in your record in your eyes. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Former marine completes MCM in full Battle Dress Uniform

    Wed, 31 Oct 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. Ransom sacrifice bunt. We were raising money for the wounded Warriors. So. A my friends have actually been helped by them so it's. Personal cause. And to learn mixture than everybody knows that in. Just because they're back in their taking care of there and steal purses. Are going to be taking care it's. Gonna supported in shorts and T serve let me do wanna put on all this. That the yeah everybody thinks that I'm crazy. I don't know it was you know people are doing it in Afghanistan and Iraq and everywhere else. Six point. We six point two miles. And a little bit about what all you have on tonight. We'll. Have a lot of and sixteen magazines. Theres not counting I don't know my corner here. Just so by. Then on the belt I have my way this'll sir. And here I have mine. And there's a first a kid. And mine but I have tea and a little outs. And over here. Rifle into nags. stipulate here but they confiscated that and dropouts. Yeah a lot of you know and of the world and all that good training. Nine that. You have a three leaders apparently was not enough. I ran out five Tony and didn't it sucks. Yeah I can have. Maybe next some gonna try something not so Yeah. And there it here where everybody fairly accurate iron. More like oh my god what do you. And yet that year was a little louder but it was. The Marine Corps marathon and marathon theirs. The crowds come out tears on and it's also between India runners and ourselves we support each other so. As I was cramping up at about four different people and trying to help so. If you had one inning to take off you wanted to there injuries early in the I have played in years. so probably because that's more than likely. With the fifty compared. To. Route fifty. Yeah it's. As I have him back. Runs. Mean there's rounds in all the magazines. And yeah a 5055. Pounds CSN Washington dot com.

  3. 2012 MCM Penguin Award Winner

    Wed, 31 Oct 2012

    Csnwashington.com. How does it feel to it it's 18 well penguin. it is an honor and I'm just thankful that I completed my first That is my goal this today it was just to finish. At so I'm very thankful. You're angry. you feel out there today. Tired but elated. And just. Feel like I accomplished big goal and milestone in my life today. And you've heard of the in honor before today. No. And I'm nervous. I'm thankful or I could have done without a couple of dozen Marines. The last last. That there highest in the military and I got out to about seven. And I just want to head to do a marathon so this was the closest. I decide to to sign up and do it. A great CSN Washington dot com.

  4. MCM: 5:22-5:32

    Wed, 31 Oct 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.