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Highlights from Wizards loss to Cleveland



CSN Washington dot com. Early first quarter through the wisest come up big Okafor right there oh boy AJ price gonna -- in the Trevor reason -- focus for now low five nothing. We is -- early -- right there when I tell you if it is. Hitler win the next trip down for the cavs -- they would answer from long range three was 121 quarter points. The last season's rookie of the year second quarter more good defense from Washington and John Vesely for the big block. And the rookie Bradley deal -- find a reason all alone on the waiting for the jam. The Wizards trailed 1539. Of the -- third quarter deal. Third overall pick but the fourth overall choice in April's draft picks and is hard to -- pocket right there again -- field games. Jim gives Cleveland sixteen point lead that's not pretty later in the third Martell Webster exists in the streak has big man Anderson met Nigel. Grabbed the board I think we're noting by the way it's career high 23 for the -- fourth quarter now with that complement the waiter turned it over Jordan Crawford portion of the break. My pastor Webster for the finished up to cast lead to seven wins on thirteen or run look at for their first lead since the first quarter the backup point guard. And our cargo. I said Buck Williams have their -- will take a two point lead -- Special. Was he on both sides of the floor though here with the night's bounce back and pick Tristan Thompson these damn. -- more great ball movement now completely down the stretch -- Irving picks -- reads off the dribble. And Watson just download a better job on Thompson for another easy dunk. And the Cavaliers are going to win game one of the season. Not -- four. 84 country Irving went 29 points better joiner said my points twentieth reports. We're just give up a season high twenty rebounds to Dwight Howard last year and that mark now broken out in the first game of the season the way -- -- by Jordan Crawford eleven. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Martell Webster0:51
  2. Dwight Howard1:49
  3. Jordan Crawford1:03, 1:54
  4. AJ price0:07
  5. Buck Williams1:16
  6. Tristan Thompson1:24
  7. Wizards0:35
  8. career high0:58
  9. quarter deal0:38
  10. draft picks0:43
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