1. Martell Webster0:51
  2. Dwight Howard1:49
  3. Jordan Crawford1:03, 1:54
  4. AJ price0:07
  5. Buck Williams1:16
  6. Tristan Thompson1:24
  7. career high0:58
  8. quarter deal0:38
  9. draft picks0:43
  10. Wizards0:35

Tue, 30 Oct 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Early first quarter through the wisest come up big Okafor right there oh boy AJ price gonna -- in the Trevor reason -- focus for now low five nothing. We is -- early -- right there when I tell you if it is. Hitler win the next trip down for the cavs -- they would answer from long range three was 121 quarter points. The last season's rookie of the year second quarter more good defense from Washington and John Vesely for the big block. And the rookie Bradley deal -- find a reason all alone on the waiting for the jam. The Wizards trailed 1539. Of the -- third quarter deal. Third overall pick but the fourth overall choice in April's draft picks and is hard to -- pocket right there again -- field games. Jim gives Cleveland sixteen point lead that's not pretty later in the third Martell Webster exists in the streak has big man Anderson met Nigel. Grabbed the board I think we're noting by the way it's career high 23 for the -- fourth quarter now with that complement the waiter turned it over Jordan Crawford portion of the break. My pastor Webster for the finished up to cast lead to seven wins on thirteen or run look at for their first lead since the first quarter the backup point guard. And our cargo. I said Buck Williams have their -- will take a two point lead -- Special. Was he on both sides of the floor though here with the night's bounce back and pick Tristan Thompson these damn. -- more great ball movement now completely down the stretch -- Irving picks -- reads off the dribble. And Watson just download a better job on Thompson for another easy dunk. And the Cavaliers are going to win game one of the season. Not -- four. 84 country Irving went 29 points better joiner said my points twentieth reports. We're just give up a season high twenty rebounds to Dwight Howard last year and that mark now broken out in the first game of the season the way -- by Jordan Crawford eleven. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Hi there I'm TV's Michael Jenkins and I'd like you're write in vote for president of the United States in today's election. If elected I promised to eradicate any and all taxes no matter how much you make. If we need more money will distilled from Canada because they're too to stop us plus everyone gets a free puppy and a homemade pie. That carried away there you see. The closer we get to the election that crazy year our politicians get we've even heard the phrase is binders full of women and horses and they well. That goes for football coaches as well. talk what he's Carroll lateral movement. And not clarifying and not apologizing. some you guys wanna take that the wrong ways the past. Just making the point that the point was messed millions. We have team Thursday. Who makes a better job Georgia and I look better in the rain and stuff that I have. My neck or did they mention an act. And what they have had over years and I hurt her her yeah slash. Whips him. he's a term loosely you know I'm an old corner you know if you can even call it that. People might who are probably said he couldn't. This will help come check them jive Turkey you know it. It's not. You know I really hope preferred question that I could answer gobble gobble Turkey talk here but you guys did give it theory. Hundreds of governor out thirty And you thought I was crazy. On a serious note it doesn't matter if you're Republican or Democrat please make sure you have your pets spayed or neutered and vote definitely. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Geico sports net central update. Number one Michael. Hinted at an evaluation period for Washington on Monday and from the head coach responded and more. Each game that we have the remaining seven games we have each game is kind of like a playoff game. And what you wanna do is see how your players respond I don't care to first year players second year player. A five year player that ten year player fifteen year player really doesn't matter. We'll see how they play from line through the rest of the season. And we better get their best shot because will be evaluated every game. And I expect this football can really step up and play at a very high level. But it'll stretch for the bargaining go over the last three Washington's scoring in takeaways are down significantly. and RG three has been effective with his passer rating dropping nearly twenty points. Brian Mitchell certainly has an opinion and he's not afraid this year. Knew going into the tenth of the season if you don't know who can play already a football team. You chose the wrong people. That's just point like we sit up here and now all of a sudden you have seven games left you're gonna find out what guys wanna play because you see as a playoff type of atmosphere. This is the feeling good every week. I don't get this pre season I don't get this practice against that team when you're in training camp you need to be they give me your best give them regularly that have already been. Article to the right towards the motivate them. I'm wondering you know he a lot of stuff out there. Understand what he's trying to go. But I'm confused by I'd never had a coached half the tell me it's going to be a playoff game for me to get up and play. Because they do they chose the right guy he all of my gut. That'll do we're in the Comcast sports net studios I'm Michael Jenkins for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Manufacturer of the oh against the wall how do you stand up with the adversity. I don't endeavors I would never say that we're gonna play and I never said anything to take this year we're gonna play young players were always that apply to people give us the best chance to win. So we're gonna do. Never change never wavered. But somebody get to grind much and I gave the perfect quote. Yeah that that's that's a there it because what you intended and you saw that pulled I would that we haven't and you go CSN Washington weigh in on that won't detail later but. You would putted. If fans are frustrated. They lost to get a home. And they did talk that the way that way and how old guys a lot group all did some of them did some good and so regardless of what's intended we also think things and I might have meant that. But if you interpreted another way. It can create brought. But but that those comments were left to be in terms in certain way. And if you feel a chance to come back there as strongly as you words and to you know really addressed this thing to change it up to clarify which is there. Then obviously seen things we had a guy ask the questions of depressed ops is that he sent undercover for thirty years. And I've heard that over thirty years. And never wasn't misinterpreted. This the first time was misinterpreted what I'd look at the whole deal send it. Now he keeps and I've never settled on go play young guys and said this year. Back to last year you as well as he did say we reevaluate young players going forward that in the football season that's why I got so sad because. Here I am sitting here watching a football game. And no I don't hate or season tickets are to fans that pay for season tickets and it might. It's and we don't be evaluating. Players going full. Do you now have the right way when you're winning you're out you're only at bat that we hit through six he a lot of things going and as highly upset because. The last two to three years. Watson pre season percent. Which lets see what players wanna build in the slot either. When you are going through training camp OTAs and all that evaluation period after that you pick guys and if you pick the right guys you don't. Have to worry about evaluate was six or seven games. So people that this is what the Thomas. Steal don't told him he came back that they asked. Those they would have the law that department didn't know that occasion that got me we changed she in Washington dot com.

  4. Has Shanahan done a good enough job for the Redskins?

    Mon, 5 Nov 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. So does Mike Shanahan have the Redskins headed in the right direction or. Is the franchise in need of some major changes for a spirited discussion on that sent it over Juli and Brian Mitchell decide. yes you know whatever Brian Mitchell talks about the presidents it is bound to be spirited I should be dancing he has his headed in the right direction Brian and he also said today that he didn't think he has really given much when he came in here three years ago lot older players not much in the draft so given where he wasn't where they are now. Are they had a actually has. There's a way was the way they are now have to rely on my has been here three years in right now this team consists of people and he put on football team. So when you look at the over the last two years. The go from the first you the last two years they're stagnant you know got a lot better with the defense given that a major step back. So you can't just say all this we we got better because we didn't and his team is better this team is about where was the beginning of last year at this point. Are you talked about the guys in the locker room now you know she trying to explain his comments today you weren't very critical of what he had to say. locker room and can players by and I guess which enhancing. Well I I think they're gonna have to because that's of these don't present on this but I think right now you have to worry about all the players are gonna still be approaching this thing thing. All will all the approach as individuals. So when a coach told us that we evaluate. Okay you don't see Japanese wonder on this team that mindset of the players I wanna make sure you understand it I'm trying to do my best will they stick with the skiing. I worry about. Every game he says Cassidy played as a playoff game by how you get the players to pipe into that at this point three. Sex that's to me this is the going into the tenth regular season if you don't know who can play already a football team. You chose the wrong people. That's just point like we sit up here and now all of a sudden you have seven games left you gonna find out what guys wanna play because you see as a playoff type of atmosphere. Principles of good every week. I don't get this pre season I don't get this practice against team when you're in training camp you need to be they give me your best if they got given the bills already been. All of our the right the motivate them. I'm wondering you know he threw a lot of stuff out there stay ago but I. I'm confused but I never had a Colts have to kill me this is probably a playoff game for me to get up and play because they don't they chose the right got the chills all of my guts. Not a big question you said no changes will be made during the bye week you've been very vocal in saying that changes need to be made. Which ones I think the they have the right people in place they need to learn how to go which you know. Okay is someone that Charlie for us offensively how about Roy and run the ball downfield he offers a lot I want to what about this before. Great defense find a way to get some pressure on the quarterback they don't have an impressive. If you don't get pressure it is certainly there would never look good. I have two weeks to do and lots of evaluating. Of players and coaches are at thank you very much She in Washington dot com.