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Former Redskins, Charley Casserly, on D. Hall and a 'must win situation'



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Wed, 31 Oct 2012|



Z -- in Washington dot com. One of the league's most electrifying a productive offenses well. With less than that this past Sunday vs the Steelers the Redskins now are looking to bounce back you get at W. As they host the Panthers I'm Jennifer Williams alongside Charley casserly. Charlie tricks and treats are you doing anything for calling.

I've got travel -- and fortunately. My wife's got a handle home front there you have what's your favorite Halloween candy. Is that where I think they ought to going to be a sponsor to whip this candy sponsor us. Now -- as -- as they reconstructed. I like offense you borrow anything with chocolate peanut butter will go -- the Redskins have things dubbed as one of the most exciting teams to watch this year.

But we saw that trick play where Josh Morgan was playing QB. Do they maybe need to get back to basics.

Why I think -- one trick play here and there isn't really a problem I think they do emphasize basic football fundamental football. And what they try to do is you know they had they ran the option game and then they have this -- running game which really is tough to defend so I think this is a team that does emphasize fundamentals.

RA and speaking of -- kind of fundamentals basics and there's also good players to use. DeAngelo Hall at what point would you step in as a GM because it seems like with. One week he's kind of mouthing off the next week he's saying I'm gonna be quiet I'm never doing it again and then he's back to the same old game and you -- saying earlier on another segment. -- you can check out on Comcast sports net that his production has hasn't been that great when you step in as a GM.

While first -- in general manager you don't going get involved in player problems in every coach that's his job to get player problems you have constant communication with the head coach. Giving me your thoughts now the other head coach that's not strong can handle it. Then you got a bigger problem that Mike Shanahan is not that guy Mike Shanahan. You can handle these problems he's a guy who'll confront players one on one and tell exactly what he thinks in that situation Mike Shanahan is a strong coach he's handling this as bad as best as anyone can handle it real right now.

And you mentioned Mike Shanahan he said Monday. That the Panthers game as a must win situation we rarely hear. The stoic a -- Shanahan speak like this you think. That it is must situations and and also is Mike Levine who don't wanna use the word desperate that you think my chance pretty worried about this season at this point.

Well I Mike Shannon does a wanna have a losing season he misses about a football team but injuries have made this team not what it was in the beginning. This team is not as good as it was in the beginning of the season. Seoul would -- there are a team that's three win team at this point do. But it is a crucial game you're playing a team that struggled he really played great game against Chicago lost close there struggle they're on the ropes in general manager got fired. The owners put everybody on all notice right now so this is a team that's -- you got to smell blood and go get it and that's what I think Mike Shanahan views this game mass.

Riley thank you so much we got to wrap this up because you need to sneak in some trick or treating we will. Thank you so much -- and thanks for writing CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. All of backwards in the nation on Larry Michael right here on Comcast sports that here she is she's back her weekly visit Jennifer Williams from CSN Washington dot com and got a lot to get to you got the social media. He got this what's that. Well he'll find out soon enough then you talked to just a yard out of first place for the top rusher in the national football incredible start this Right absolutely rookie of the week nomination by the league this week the Steelers have one of the best. Defense is against Iraq just this year Duke and ninth you we really thought about it I think that's the second overall. Scans have one of the best rushing offenses they have the number one Russian office right now that if Hopefully I will say that again so I out for how you win that battle come Sunday and he simply said we're gonna outbreaks. And he's not feeling the pressure. He said it's definitely going to be a nice class come Sunday all right well he has a soft spoken kid no doubt about that a little more confident as time goes on. But they are off of anything outrageous I'd probably show that it's. Absolutely he's a soft spoken guy but very humble. He's getting more confident but he's all about when he he doesn't care about that he anytime I even start to bring up stats now and and a I just care about getting a W comes on. Now let me ask you this you came on her last week employers social media stuff upset me a little bit about sort of so episodes giving something positive okay how I like what you do. Well the Redskins. Twitter exploded. Maybe a few hours after the game and not let any result of the game but the probability that Chris Cooley might be back in the Burgundy goal. Jason locked up for it it's a little bit Jason for treated something to the effects of that. So basically that was retreated over 700 times 53 favorites it was treading bit and Washington six. And the United States wasn't worldwide but still making impact won't. that's what the impact. Goalies Twitter club all the stuff the impact of being on Redskins nation was there is really help this guy out golf cool week. Who leads the clouds are actually sandy did you play again please I really like. I comedian just can't thank all that and now that sounds like. It's back in the rotation so. Basically I wanted to put that in context I looked at RT street cloud and he's holding steady at an 86 some other power players and the DC area Bryce Harper. John Wall caused quite of a this week because. Basically Bryce Harper it at argue they like hey. You know you're doing great this year where can I get some of those socks he did pass in it he predicted that play I'm. And that's and that that attitude so I actually have. The Sox in question excellent these Robert. He's. Is plenty there so we have to stay humble. Like those physical and the Burgundy and golds which is a really cool and we also have. That go catcher dream I talked with a deed as PR and they said this particular soc which was attract a sold out and over an hour and they think. That argues agree that had PR guy. He's a great fit for ideas because you know he obviously a great football player but first and foremost he's a great athlete. And so and then John wild got into the conversation like hey man where's my pair and of course. Exploded just these tweets were retreated you know 5600 times are we saw what these four. Who are well actually he's gotten me from a diehard. Redskins fans are finally here and that they were timing yeah it actually so I value my life I have to get back to them. Okay but receipt. Okay. I think you just did they report it was show and tell for gently yes yes very well right on that the first I got some great questions go to the sample of the stick around. I'm CSN Washington dot com.

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  3. Charley Casserly: How the Redskins rebound on Sunday

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    CSN Washington dot com. More NFL football talk now with our expert to GM Charley casserly Charlie good to see it. think that Redskins defense particularly in the secondary a lot of problems with Pittsburgh giving up three touchdown passes. How to they rectified at least try and shore up back there. Well I say what you have to do I think what you have to do there is don't give up big plays which they really did give up against Pittsburgh problem. But the defense Sunday was the offense couldn't control ball to help get him off the field. Don't give up big plays play good red zone defense try to people feel you gonna give up yardage. They get Cam Newton this week even though he's definitely not having the season that he had last year is that a good or bad matchup the Redskins defense why it's a good matchup for this reason I think what the power Carolina Panthers wanna get too is try to get back and run the football be physical that helps Cam Newton that's one of the Redskins ranks their ability to stop the run with the front seven. Also they got one receiving got to stop Stephen Smith Steve Smith then that's gonna go along way to win this ball game. We saw the Redskins receivers drop. Scott access in the end zone all was that the weather was a concentration. And how do you. Rectify that situation that's huge I can't say it's a because you didn't see the Steelers drop a lot of footballs on Sunday. So to me it's concentration so what do you do you re emphasize that this week extra ball drills before and after practice it's a concentration thing I think in my opinion. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Redskins Nation: Jeff Bostic on Shanahan's squad

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    CSN Washington dot com. All of his nation my pleasure that. Welcome bit of old for an three time Super Bowl champion won the original also of course. He needs no introduction Jeff Bostick is here good to be back regular or anybody we're good. Well we heard RG three the previous say when you had a chance today ironically though the spent some time with the Redskins quarterback in the head coach Mike Shanahan what do you think of Well I think on a tremendous job me you don't expect a lot from a rookie quarterback but this guy has come into the league. Very well prepared at Baylor. He's making good decisions with the football number one making a lot of plays his leg which we knew we would. But that that the big thing is. Like I told coach Shanahan. This is the guy that handles the media excellent and this week will be a good challenge with him and Cam Newton this is going to be a robbery. Between two quarterbacks that have got two pieces of hardware that are similar to as I think their their careers are gonna parallel each other very close. You fall the Redskins are they are very busy guy these days it is great just ahead in the building three five going into this game. A lot of people think this a must win. The the horizon what do you think I think it is a must plan I think the that is heading in the right direction I told Mike Shanahan. Alike what you're doing keep collecting pieces and obviously RG three is one of those pieces it's going to be eight ventricle part of this thing but you running back you know this kind of free you know he came out of nowhere. He collecting those type of parts would you like to see Orakpo and character healthy. With your defense. And you look at this game is this a game that is a critical went for the Redskins yes it is. We also remember last year the Carolina Panthers. Came limping in at like one and six and upset the Redskins. From a robbery standpoint from a revenge standpoint that's got to be in the back the Redskins take care business at home. Take care of business at home. And when the games are supposed to on the road. CSN Washington dot com.