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QB phenoms take center stage in Redskins-Panthers game this week



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Wed, 31 Oct 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Filly eight games into his rookie season but the accolades continue for Robert Griffin the third. RG three ranks in the top five among all quarterbacks -- completion percentage and yards per attempt. And only one other rookie in NFL history has led the NFL those categories Redskins Sammy Baugh in 1937. This week Griffin faces another QB who was fantastic during his rookie season candidate Bob Harlan Hatcher inside access Redskins. Robert Griffin the third and Cam Newton the last two Heisman Trophy winners they're both threats running and throwing the ball. They are two guys in the midst of revolutionizing. The quarterback position so it's easy for people to see comparison. They both these with -- -- and you know I mean I was a big fan cam Newman when he was come out of Scott while Collison and saying we -- RG three you know what those guys in college men and not an -- in the same thing is this. Amazing they're very similar very similar. You know OK generous -- -- played. You know and you know we'll put him being. That's last year camera re wrote the record books he's the only player to ever throw for more than 4000 yards and run for more than 500. His fourteen rushing touchdowns is the most ever by a quarterback. While RG three is on pace to challenge most of those records. Just being athletic is where the comparisons also end. -- is bigger -- that and Robert you know counts -- 65 so a lot of 250 so it does best contrast I guess you say that the sides. Really don't see the comparison. Totally different court -- to -- I think. He's computer tam Victor RG so -- defend us. Let me ask him to be a bigger body -- stuff and I -- -- was able to do in the pocket until the ball and sprayed the ball around. So but you know I'm biased because -- Smart guy so I think he's a better quarterback demise. RG three is certainly better at protecting the ball through eight games he's turned it over just five times. -- committed twenty last year with seventeen picks. The skins need their leader to make plays this week where they run the danger of falling out of the playoff race. Think about three sixes they. This situation where you know in -- outplay -- you pretty much had to -- Biedrins six 45 and still arm you know you're right and pick things out. You know with a bunch of division games coming up so. You know for us. It is a I guess you can say must win game I don't know this so that's definitely a big enforcer won't be to have. One other guy who desperately want to result this week is the president Barack Obama. In seventeen of the eighteen presidential election since the skins moved to DC. A win in the final home game before the election has resulted in a win for the incumbent in the White House. With the Redskins rob -- CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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