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Thu, 1 Nov 2012|



CSN Washington dot com.

sports net central -- today.

Hi Greg -- here in the Comcast sports net studios with -- Geico sports net central update. Black and red are back in the playoffs for the first time in five years but the wait for their first home postseason game. Is coming a little earlier due to the devastation caused by hurricane sandy. DC -- that it will host the first leg of their series vs the New York Red Bulls on Saturday. And ventured Geico sports net central update I'm Greg tolling for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Holy Football: Father John picks the Redskins vs. Panthers

    Thu, 1 Nov 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. Good afternoon if this is father John answer that president and CEO kept through the in the area. I am try to predict each week analysts say the choices for the Redskins game that perhaps it was Bruce's game week. It's the Redskins are three and five. John is two and six so we do a better job of not doing that well. Get your prediction you know for the rest season I wanted to finish up this season 88. The Redskins eight an eight that's my goal to what happened a long way to go. With them today so loosely put the Carolina Panthers it's a great game we got. Two young quarterback others should be a great game. Reality is I think RG three is better kid this week he is he's got more passing skills to goes well. I think that our defense is the word. You can't in particular maybe so I predict this week Redskins win 3121. With one probably because argue who's been great game to this week's debacle against Pittsburgh now. At this week and combine report by the body nobody wins that's good for us. And we get them for the Ravens it's a tough game against we need this game desperately of homework and also believe strongly to rest when this came along 36. And the rest of the point five they need to put us please god. That's when we're back temperature do great things from city go to the series DC. or her about doing. Great support group are on her efforts and helping me get me great great effort to his best week in terms insanity. Not to people coming in here that. Very proud of all people work counters apparently people here all the streets. Undercover. With the warm bad dinner tonight not the people some 2000. Of pitchers great agency supports you can't. By the way rent she gets in Washington dot com.

  2. Holy Football: Pastor Ken picks the winner of Redskins vs. Panthers

    Thu, 1 Nov 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. My name's Ken son in path typically not what you're just as the campus there at all Montgomery county and we hear from week nine hopeful but. And I just reflect on last couple weeks have been following me I predicted the Redskins went well weeks and I realize that outfit in the underdog. In her you know practice that it's still Billick that guy is a pretty good call but they were close but with the Steelers I was obviously Wale they were never in the game but that get a job well and passes you think I really be. And the game very well so. On Ellison taking risks. But and that Redskins but they're again hoping that the reason that chart and I hope that they I know that attendance at its struggles this year and a Panthers are one and six in. The Redskins obviously that defense he's your a bit more injuries people out there might even more yards up but I still think Robert Griffin and that he can find a way to win. And I think they're gonna win the and or 28 point one. Eight Fargo I want talk about that that's even more important football that's really helped me. And the thing about your work and they're eight and active so Thanksgiving. Where again that he spot in Turkey outreach in that can't really for us what we did you 7000. Complete Turkey dinners and the area so if you'd like to help box it would do that Saturday. November 17 at 8 in the morning at our church located at 89 point five Leesburg That's in Vienna Virginia and just come by you cannot help fill up and really certain people and feel good about you know what we're doing to help me so. Well of this there and after that. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Holy Football: Rabbi Deitsch expects Redskins to bounce back

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    CSN Washington dot com. Hello my name is shot on nights of Cubs are about to Northern Virginia. And I hit to predict. The upcoming Gretzky game this Sunday Carolina. Visiting us here at FedEx Field. The Redskins now. I think that this week is a must win for the if they wanna see themselves as legitimate. And be taken seriously they must win this week I think everybody admits that. Last week was a tough loss against the yes fearless at their place. They're a tough team they have a lot of history. And don't want it will get two. But I think that even in that loss RG really it was a real And he was not a slouch and he lost with dignity and honor and besides being a great athlete. He is a so my prediction for this week. Is that the Redskins should win hopefully they'll win my prediction is 31 Redskins. 21. Carolina Panthers this week I'd like to work just mention one more. Being that we read the Bible and that is welcoming guests admits the commandment of woke me guess your house and welcome you to our outs as well. We'd love to have you over Friday night this Friday night. Cause that's 7UP before 261980. Remember the visit us on our website www. Up by the VA that Horry. B well. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Also with Brian Q in the Dubai score well and then you move on America on a hot that Yeah yeah. Them that's. Why not a lot but Melo right got shutout not a great answered upper arm injury former mayor off the up. Keegan Michael Yeah and. Right now and get closer. To the elbow. You know leave Locke who did got it easier One more Nadal one more knowledge if you want to go old school but that's up. We pulled up blitz and did some running alone I mean you can go without being caught a really young. Okay and really good job I got it's the clerical. Right in the that what what. Is mail look at that was not my. A little guys get the what did you find a problem. Dork. You wouldn't do we managed to receive. BMR moustache. We have a really got half. CSN Washington dot com.