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CSN Washington dot com. After doing the right thing in giving the way home field advantage for the greater good. DC united has the feel like the soccer gods should smile down on them. We talking karma here I don't know how about. -- -- I've got a lot of catching up to do the karma department. I don't know if this was gonna put me over the top. While Ben Olsen works all that out his team understands in the aftermath of sandy why this had to happen. I mean a first time it's a little unfortunate about the circumstances. He can't really do anything now -- In the big picture it's still two games home and away and we stood take care of business. So now united will host a game this weekend its first playoff game in five years. Collectively though united has less than ten games of playoff experience -- the star studded Red Bulls have a lifetime of it on soccer's. Grandest stage there's double World Cup games and then I think we have votes and playoff games self. It's a great group. When they've put together -- -- star studded lineup that in and there they're playing very well right now -- guys like call -- -- playing at their tops he's playing better than I've ever seen him play it in America. So we got hopefully a big job house no question. It's just another sucking curiosity they're experiencing a very good players from that you know we're looking to disrupt -- them in and get going offensively ourselves. I think you know together as a team we've really come together. That's what we've seen it obviously resulted from the sort of you know to him scored points. United's motto all season has been take back rfk they have the best home field advantage and all of MLS. They're hoping he's at this Saturday night jumpstart a run for their fifth and LS cup adding to the club's great tradition. Is Ben Olson said the past is the past he wants this year's team to write their own history. With DC united -- Garland CSN Washington CSN Washington dot com.



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