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3 and Out: A WR gets a second chance and a 'must win' situation...



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Thu, 1 Nov 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

-- The emergence of one receiver similarities between the Redskins in the -- and I must win situation for the Redskins. This is three now I'm Jennifer Williams alongside -- -- here. Eric Taylor talking in the hottest topics I am very very cold day and half -- guys let's talk about Alter privacy and Hughes told he was -- get more snaps but where those kind of comfort. Chris let's Sergio. Well you know -- almost have to -- Henderson he he had a key drop last week. He hasn't really taken that step -- they'd like him to. Mulder inconsistency yes although Robinson's recent speech -- the equation they need to and that's what they need out there you know they need somebody can stretch the field. He can do that. So -- I think the working men in the -- I don't think Josh Morgan can see much less action I don't think Santana Moss well it's only seen twenty match point yourself snaps a game anyway so. Think anything. Anything Aldridge and guests who come mostly from mountain and a half percent. Cart I think some of this is a reaction to what happened last week in Pittsburgh all those drops you know that it absolutely is sending a message on -- Robinson is a guide this team is thought very highly of for more than a year. He was given a chance early on. And when Carson got hurt against New Orleans on basically 66 snaps nineteen had a touchdown. -- went in and played against I got to start got his first NFL start against the Rams and of course he dropped -- -- long bomb that hit him right. Are right between the numbers and that was pretty -- the end of could come all the from the Robinson's first chance. He's getting second chance now what you told us earlier today is that he plans on seizing this opportunity. Now is seizing opportunities there's a team. You know coming at FedEx that is a pretty similar when you look at two -- Heisman winning quarterbacks they run not chant. Park you know what is tough present and the similarities in this. -- the Panthers can prepare for it to defend against that running the option when they do it themselves. What you're actually right we talked to Jim hasn't early today and he said absolutely calm when you are going up against. RG three every day in practice you're going up against the option. You're preparing for it die in practice that's gonna give him a step ahead -- you know what it's going to be if it's gonna work both ways because the Panthers are doing the same thing every day in practice I think the biggest similarity between these two teams is they're both really really desperate I mean at some -- -- -- the Redskins if they wanna see this season they want to turn things around they have to get a win them. Rich yeah there's no doubt about that can't there's. In the same situation. Panthers should've beaten Chicago last week there's six months few weeks ago should've beaten Atlanta news news news undefeated over the yes they're much better than 116. Have a little lost one game only by more than six points. But you know I think everybody sees it that Cam Newton meltdowns of press conferences -- I -- general manager. It takes is a -- team in total disarray that they're not mean it doesn't talented players they've got twenty sacks on the air so they won't they'll have a RG three scrambling around back there. -- you're talking about them had needing to win this game earlier this week we heard Mike Shanahan called this a must win situation. Rare words from the stoic coach should do you think you know both the guys are just talking about both teams are probably. Editor at and what their record is on paper you know it is this a must win situation at bats against. It's absolutely a must win I mean I think any season regardless of the sports you can go back to one missed. The game maybe even one quarter -- that's where this season either took a turn for the worse towards a return for the better and I think the Redskins -- percent of that opportunity right here I think if they hit that home. For the bye weeks you get a big win and you know coming off the bye week you might get Pierre back you might get -- Brandon Meriweather back. -- it if they blew -- they blow this opportunity. Who knows how this second half can be. On the ball on the flip side if they win this game and when they won it comfortably. And they come back on the other side refreshed and ready to -- right edge and to get back some some key players. You know that this might be moved to start the run that certainly has talked about earlier today that could take him into the playoffs. Very good point because this guy hit by the injury bug early but that also means these guys can come back out real quick. Washington Redskins last four years 200 James Lawrence -- and Mike Shanahan. Yeah identical to win six records in the second half of the season. You know he hit it you've got to turn that around this for a finish this series and you know it is yeah exactly you know what it would really -- forefront you know whatever they do. Two and six just isn't acceptable it's just gonna you know it's gonna drain the interest of the fans. No way he and they just they got to do better than it was at Dayton had the -- at six and -- stadium as I said they can go 445 entry some like that it's you know you've at least got to step towards next season. Another June 6 in there you know what starters didn't make good. Brey is all about confidence and whether or not -- Actually play for the rest this season local guys thank you so much for your time and thank you for watching once again -- -- -- out keep it locked on CSN Washington dot com for all your Redskins coverage. Because it was positive.

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