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Fri, 2 Nov 2012|

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She gets in Washington dot com. Laughter -- between these two guys quarterbacks with a similar is pretty darn effective moving the football one way or the other cars likes. How are they similar and different. When you look at that you know I let the year kind of play out that you don't talk about Robert right now. Halfway through this season or another quarterback Cam Cameron is really not sure you do what you -- -- as you can look at it how to attack a defense from Robert perspective. I take a look at you know. From the Carolina offense I'm taking a look at what you're doing most of the running game the plaque is not a quarterback. How how do you attack a team like that obviously both quarterbacks are very talented -- Throw the football and running the football and you know -- please take that very often. Did you think what we've seen what those two are -- is more open to fighting. That guy's a lot in the animal who can who can hurt you multiple ways that geno Smith West Virginia comes to mind maybe some other guys in college but is it opened the door change thinking. In the NFL I don't know if it's -- thinking here -- it's hard to find. People that are athletes like that that can throw the football. I mean his percentage is you don't find guys like that very often so. If you do have somebody that is talented at whatever it may be here to try to utilize his talents to pull us. Just talked to the usual this weekend and we just talked to what was your message ever after after last week and we kind of talked what went down with. Well personally the NFL has not made a ruling. Except that he can make him play this weekend we have heard anything official problem. So until that happens obviously campus because it generally speaking these two guys just be aware of those -- just. -- he gets emotional game if you're passionate interest that you worked to put. To be careful. Yeah but he lets them sometimes you eat you know from the outside you really don't know what happened there and when you can't speak about it that it kind of such a little bit too good. There's always two sides of the story but at the at the end of the day do you do you think you got to keep -- Nobody who was affecting your pill and you get a -- regardless what someone does right or wrong it was his second guys so. Whatever you do to get yourself a penalty. He can't do that you are -- to rail from from -- very close very close. Hurtful. Or -- earlier this year we -- goggles but. Differently going to stop it -- what yeah I have a number times especially when you know after totally wrong. Almost lost a dirty game and this last game and I'm sitting there until the official that the clock keeps on going from the time we had a couple in the confrontation. There is a minute and eight seconds off the clock. And I'm trying to tell the official during the game. That the clock kept on goal and an extra thirty seconds that's a lot yeah well of course she's not believe that you know he's seen enough I should have -- and it happened just to deal. But anyway those are the type things you feel like. When you know you're actually right in Jerusalem and eight seconds awful and play. And you're seeing nobody how good nobody sees this you know one of the officials see it and an eagle on the next play and they can't go back and corrected so. You know those are type of things that you say okay -- If you control what you'll never hear the end of if you get a flag -- -- -- -- so anyway so yeah you have to it's a difficult choice after this week. Mean that balance that whole of course it but that -- over -- you gotta keep your composure during the game those things to happen she gets in Washington dot com.

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