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Highlights from Wizards loss to Cleveland



Csnwashington.com. Bradley BO being introduced for the first time at the Verizon Center as the Wizards host the Celtics to feel struggled early and often in his home debut misses badly on the pull out here. Later in the first half. A nice move off the screen. But can't find the next meal was over five and 22 minutes -- play. That's Rickey still has to ask themselves is he taking good shots and if you keep ticket. -- Boston did a good job and took the lead after the first quarter 26. To twelfth. Getting in there and brought them back in the second and nice then. With the left hand finished -- big fellow on the block he brought lots of busy and he gave the book in every way they can handle. Then after setting the screen here he nailed this free throw jump Shaq. To bring the Wizards within ten points he was four for four and a quarter the Wizards down nine at the break. That's the biggest thing you -- -- fair and -- look at his side he is he knows he can play he knows he belongs in this league as Rondo gets a steal goes coast to coast weather. Reverse Rondo finished with twelve points and twelve assists. Under a minute remaining in the third Jordan Crawford had a nice outing down the lane for the -- he had 21 points and cut the lead to two. With just over four minutes left in the fourth. Rondo initially get the shot -- 1011 incredible ever. To beat the shot clock Boston up by thought that was an amazing shot he stuffed with the play didn't. Wait for the refs to call the -- finished it would Tippett. Where they're now down by three Jannero Pargo piano concert Kidd drilled a triple. -- clutch shot to tie the game at 84 after the Wizards take the lead on a -- bucket. Paul Pierce -- when you thought he was -- that three pointer. It down for him he had 27 points on the night they'll -- the truth enough that's right they needed that shot and he made. -- four and a half seconds ago the Wizards drawing up a play in the huddle no timeouts having trouble -- back in the ball Webster shot with a three -- -- one over Kevin Garnett. Doesn't follow the Wizards -- in a heartbreaker. 8986. -- I thought -- to win a little early that's that Chris I didn't think you need to go that early I thought he could put the ball in the deck tried to get a little -- or even pump fake. Right well plus eleven on the boards and I think that's a good sign because Washington. Was at minus fifteen on the boards against Cleveland -- some positives to take away for Washington alongside those 62 best point. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Jannero Pargo1:38
  2. Paul Pierce1:47
  3. Kevin Garnett2:08
  4. Jordan Crawford1:13
  5. Verizon Center0:07
  6. Wizards0:08, 0:53, 0:57
  7. Celtics0:09
  8. Boston0:31, 1:29
  9. pump fake2:21
  10. shot clock1:28
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