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Alexander: 'I'm not thinking about next year.'



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Sun, 4 Nov 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Mike Shanahan did not shy away from pressure all week calling this a must win game for the Redskins if they had. Any hopes of staying alive in the playoff race well after -- lost their third straight -- won in six Panthers team. He once again did not shy away but this time it was from transitioning from playoff chase two evaluation days. Homeless when the game is to give it changed you. Play for a playoff spot and midway point -- five and it's going to be muscle and obviously that -- in the hunt when you lose a game like that. You're playing to see who. Obviously is going to his and your football team for years ago. You know really sucks. Because right now we went outside the Canadian in you wanna do everything possible to get it ready I mean I'm not to -- about next year at this moment in this offseason thing for me. But you know if it is hard when -- see yourself in that type position you coach are -- seeing the same type of things so I mean this is disappointed. And we just didn't play well confidence is what you guys are coming expect a loose -- not motivated during the week -- -- just the time we will so. So question the mentality of things like that much in the two million after we got the leadership. And these young guys are hungry enough that we're not -- our way around the corner keep fighting and -- pulled some some games. And the key to turning things around lies squarely on their own shoulders despite out gaining Carolina in total yards and dominating time of possession. The Redskins self inflicted wounds -- too much to overcome a season high thirteen penalties extended Panthers drives. Killed their own. Lisa had no idea address and you know Robert threw the ball great -- we just. They had this game may have taken on the -- from we committed a lot of -- we we helped them beat us. You know just get better I mean he's. There is nothing -- -- you really say I mean this is -- some of tournament they weren't more physical on us and I don't know I just it's would this -- -- It's just it's a bad feeling when you walk in off the film on that. Well you just didn't know you didn't go out there an excuse like you wanted to know us we talked about it's all about execution. So people are gonna criticize you criticized the coaches are gonna criticize the players. They're gonna -- in a drastic changes being made that I don't feel that way. -- -- on us on the players to make sure we go out there and play. After the game RG three went into the X ray room to take a look at his raves it came back negative nothing broken just sore ribs. Our Redskins insider Tariq Al Bashir -- in the hallway. Asked him which he hit it happen not a. He just kind of smiled back and instead of take your pick. Pretty cool moment after the game RG three and Cam Newton at midfield talking a little bit camera gave RG three his phone number and literally. Dial that into his ball and said look we are true young dynamic quarterbacks. Give me a call let's talk pretty nice gesture as the two last Heisman Trophy winners get together. After the game last -- young what the Redskins need to focus on during this bye week he used one word over and over again. Execution. The skins have to stop shooting themselves in the foot. With the Redskins rob Carlin CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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