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Mon, 5 Nov 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. They get good jobs -- the year Geico sports at central update yet we have the must win there. That wasn't tough talking about the Redskins Redskins head of the bye week I did supporting what they want to thirteen loss to the Panthers -- ran a five game losing streak. Cam Newton won the much anticipated quarterback battle for and one touchdown. And running for another so Redskins out three and six. And their playoff hopes may already be over.

gonna come out of you know game like this through Victor we get that. It's a very upsetting but at them today. We got a -- we got to come back ready to go we're not gonna feel sorry for ourselves on expecting you know players foes are themselves possible come -- ready to --

Everybody's disappointed in what happened today. And here you're looking for guys and you know step up you know look offense -- defense and special teams and obviously I can do a better job could we can do that today and do as a team so. I take full responsibility for them.

Bad -- at the office settled your premiere of the Comcast sports has thirty goes by Dave Johnson for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com obviously mistaken from my perspective how much and I did a great job of explaining it was a six point right now. We talk about five games in the NFC east and two in the AFC we're sterner NFC east. A tour. Just think that we would play young players or suggest that we place. Young players and the season was over with completely ludicrous. Do you plan to make Changes to your staff during There will be no changes. CSN Washington dot com.

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    Let me Erica. Make some comments. Losing a must win games toward but after the game. Obviously a couple of those quotes and at least give him. Assessment of those quotes. I said obviously there discipline and a must win game as a gives you chance. To play for playoffs but at midway point 35 it's going to be a must win again and on when you lose a game like that. I have played as he it obviously. Is going to be on your football team for years ago. In the first thing that. You know it's very tough to go to that type adversity when you lose a game like that. Everybody puts so much into it and very tough you know to to lose a game like that he put everything making him and that game. Anniversary of striking wanna see you guys handle that adversity. Can you talk about your your backs communal against the wall. And those type things which are looking for. He has guys this week each game that we have remaining seven games we have each game is kind of like a playoff. And what you wanna do is see how your players respond I don't care of first year players second year player. A five year player tenure player fifteen year player really doesn't matter. We will see how they play from the along through the rest of the season. And we've target of Russia the Soviet evaluated every game. And I expect this football team released often playing very high level. We've made a number of coach or less copiers to get these type of guys. I think their player of respond and respond right away. Then the hill last part of that quote was. Now we have a chance of elderly players and see what at. That's only done nearly during the bye week we will die away. Our coaches or players schemes. the next 45 days. Make sure they're going into last seven games with five teams in the NFC east to in the AFC. That we give our football team of this chancellor. Not very often you have seven games left we five in the NFC tree and a chance to still do something special. But obviously every game is like a playoff game we don't have. Obviously much more Okay no I don't go away. And if someone does come off like that in the future. I'd appreciate before somebody you know kind of goes into there. Opinion on that if say if you guys had ever give a call if you go write something like that. Especially at strong appreciate. At least say tax or at least champs return a phone call to explain. It fortunately attacks. Like that CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. As DC united prepares to face new York and their high octane offense which by the way features. Two of the league's top scores they'll have their own ace up their sleeve. dearest practicing today and it's been hinted that we could see him in the lineup on Wednesday. In New York between two good chances I think his progression he's made I was talking about it earlier. He got hurt and now middle thoughtful and so I think is a good chance but you never know and I think it's his his have been his call how he feels and would be field. He's on the you know this is for a as the players who would you prefer in the playoffs and and our thoughts about so we'll do anything After suffering 3M CL sprain in early September the club announced they were would be sidelined. Ten to twelve weeks and was expected out for the remainder of the season. His return for the second half of the Eastern Conference semifinals. Could ignite the black and red offense that failed to register a goal in game one. Yeah it definitely means and to do the guys here in heroes during Christmas immensely in the game come commitments. The you look under for. He looks like the Ramirez now so with DC united Kelly talent CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. sports net central today. And a good day everybody crystal here for CSN Washington dot com let's start with some good news for the black and red. DC united quest to claim the fifth MLS cup. They get a huge boost reigning MVP doing there is practiced with the team. Darrow has been out since September the eleventh with in strain in his left knee. And is expected to miss ten to twelve weeks. What happened just eight weeks his status for Wednesday's game has been upgraded to questionable giving his teammates hope. He may be joined. To yesterday he got hurt and down with a price Sunnis and military knows our fullest so. I think is a good chance but you never know and I think it's how he feels and what did you feel. The thing that's good out today. And I just sits about as bonds after practices like this and Emmitt yeah. He designed to get out there this is for a as the players who would you refer in the playoffs and and thoughts so do anything until. Whatever it takes no difference here and Comcast Forsett studios I'm Chris Miller for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.