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Skins Social: Will there be firings?



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Mon, 5 Nov 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Tough loss for the reds and at home during homecoming. Naturally. Redskins fans are calling for our heads a role as them Redskins head into the by Koreans -- I'm Jennifer Williams alongside Rick Stanley -- in social work taking questions from the fans. And rich I got a statement. Robert violent day he's not asking he's telling us there'll be firing next week a little drastic now. Well I hate to disappoint him that that's that's not gonna happen I don't think it would be a gain major a major surprise. If I say Jim -- as obviously the one -- at the top of their bodies list. You know if they thought it might give him any good they might do. Nothing good really ever comes of of changing defensive coordinators in in mid season. You know Rahim Moore should be the obvious candidate when he's in charge of the secondary in the second game playing so hot either so I'm not so I'm not so sure that's an -- -- You know there could be changed in the offseason I would say there -- strong possibility of that that. These last seven games -- right with what you have and and see what happens. Now we posed a question on FaceBook what area do you think needs the most and were proved meant during their -- and we got. You know time responses on defense the secondary. I'm Kevin Anderson said everything except the QB. Yeah. We it's a different with Robert today you know probably you know was still. We start rookie today a good rookie but so -- what area do you think it needs to be improved immediately. Yeah well I'd I'd go back to run or he wasn't as sharp and his accurate is he -- and he could spend some time you know going through films and seeing what would you do what you can do better. Maybe spend little time with his receivers we asked him after the game what he's -- during the -- he said he had no idea so I'm against travel plans. Gibson missed teammates do and I'm feeling he'll be doing a lot of it is spending a lot of time yet hit the books -- -- game. You can't fix -- and it's not like you can -- you know have a week off wave a magic want there's some -- can be fixed. Man out would be set keep trying you know dumb things like not Davidson scored a touchdown late in the game when they need is for -- as they could they get a touchdown. Your receivers lined up in the backfield gonna miss a flag. More -- more plays more time. Coming off the clock before the score touchdowns so you know just stuff like that is not Minnesota -- biases sentence opinion focus on. Going back to the secondary at William -- he's asking do you think. The Redskins management finally gets that they need to address the old line and secondary. Well I think they've gotten that for a long time I mean they did. You know they they drafted Trenton only his fourth overall pick on Trent Williams -- want one of the things -- met and spent a lot of money on. Chris Chester played right -- But one of the things about this system is the offensive line you don't need to spend a whole lot of money and invest your money salary cap money it's limited. You don't spend a lot of high draft picks. And in a lot of money on your offensive line you've got to you know you've got to I'm. Yeah yeah exactly that's where they -- zone blocking scheme does not require your high dollar high draft they tied it scheme offensive line as far as the secondary. No I I think they've they've tried to address that too I think they've got. You know they have some bad like it safety. -- bit that the point is just they need to you know continue to improve there yes but it's not like. -- mean -- you know -- Mike Shanahan tomorrow and tell him anything new did the offensive line and secondary need to get better I believe -- there you are well aware of that. Got this discussion before you think at any solid align our there's a superstar O line it's whether or not they can gel as a union. Right and I think one thing just going back it -- been addressed and then this past offseason I think it should have been known that you know Jammal Brown. Was that it was a definite dangerous Tyler Columbus has been up and down today it was definitely a down day he could just could not. -- control out Edwards of this of the Panthers you know just. Who just went wild on RGQ was sacked him leave. Made a season high four times but -- -- knew he was sacked and sacked four times which one higher totals of the season so. On that can men -- betterment -- its not like you know your your talent -- they don't know when you say the secondary needs to be better. In the office line -- CSN Washington dot com.

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