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SportsTalk Live: Do Shanahan and the Redskins need to reevaluate the team's talent



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Mon, 5 Nov 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Manufacturer of the oh against the wall how do you stand up with the adversity. I don't endeavors I would never say that we're gonna play and I never said anything to take this year we're gonna play young players were always that apply to people give us the best chance to win. So we're gonna do. Never change never wavered. But somebody get to grind -- much and I gave the perfect quote.

Yeah that that's that's a -- there it -- because what you intended and you saw that pulled I would that we haven't and you go CSN Washington -- weigh in on that won't detail later but. You would -- putted. If fans are frustrated. They lost to get a home. And they did talk that the way that way and how old guys a lot group all did some of them did some good and so regardless of what's intended we also think things and I might have meant that. But if you interpreted another way. It can create brought.

But but that those comments were left to be in terms in certain way. And if you feel a chance to come back there as strongly as you words and to you know really addressed this thing to change it up to clarify which is there. Then obviously -- seen -- things we had a guy ask the questions of depressed ops is that he sent undercover for thirty years. And I've heard that -- over thirty years. And never wasn't misinterpreted. This the first time was misinterpreted what I'd look at the whole deal send it. Now he keeps and I've never settled on go play young guys and said this year. Back to last year you as well as he did say we -- reevaluate young players going forward that in the football season that's why I got so sad because. Here I am sitting here watching a football game. And no I don't hate or -- season tickets are -- to fans that pay for season tickets and it might. It's and we don't be evaluating. Players going full. Do you now have the right way when you're winning you're out you're only at bat that we hit through six -- he -- a lot of things going and as highly upset because. The last two to three years. Watson pre season percent. Which lets see what players wanna build in the slot either. When you are going through training camp OTAs and all that evaluation period after that you pick guys and if you pick the right guys you don't. Have to worry about evaluate was six or seven games. So people that this is what the Thomas. Steal don't told him he came back that they asked. Those they would have the law that department didn't know that occasion that got me we changed -- she -- in Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. We know it's going to be a very hostile environment. They they really you know get after it you know short will be loud and on inexperience something he's never experienced before but again we're gonna go through this week just like we've always had always have and put a game plan together that gives our team the best opportunity to win and we know that we have to have a great week of preparation because we're gonna space top ten team that's very very talented. On both sides of the ball but they got some big time playmakers on the offense side of the ball is it going to be fun going in that kind. Herman's close any implants alone have a farm soon as the that's the main thought today none has gone Wanted to be one of the biggest crowd Adam dating and it's and it's gone via a good experience. I've learned long ago in this business is you can only worry about the stuff you can control the only thing that I can control is our team's attitude our team's preparation. As we go and play the game and that's everything that we myself and my coaches are doing is get our team. Ready physically and mentally to go down there and they get a win. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com we've weathered this storm to bring you the highlights from all around the Mason nation. Did you caught up inside and outside of euphoria to the polls and cast your vote they're screaming go weak link. It. We'll get things started this week but men's soccer as head coach Greg Andrew the Patriots secured the seed in the CAA men's soccer championship. Mason fell on its final regular season contests of the year on Thursday. To Georgia State Atlanta to do want to retired the greening goal will look to continue its season on Monday night November 5. And number four Seahawks yeah. It's Kendrick in the women's. They hosted rival After storming to a team's best and I believe. It battled back to extend the match from five set. The Patriots held strong to win the match three to four Mason players reach double digits and killed his plans actually. The way with 24. Health club and eighty. We're Danielle can three and two win over team. In his swing wise for you guys. I really really. The Cardinals. It brought back. The right where they have. I they're going up to. And and you had to really get their game. Really really wanted to win so. He knew that we had fighting men out there and I haven't heard that we knew that we again and again all that we have. The ladies we'll conclude their regular season this Friday and Saturday with matches against Hofstra and northeastern. a second place finish in the CAA championships last weekend immense crowd turn fifteen took part Lecavalier eye opener Saturday. Four Patriots finished in the top ten. Led by Josh Lincoln fifth place finish. Team returns to action this weekend. They take part in the NCAA southeast regional championships. In Charlotte, North Carolina. On the Patriots rowers were next Wednesday hosted they had the of time Saturday night. His third consecutive year the varsity four boat was taking first place ladies who also plays a vote in the top ten in the varsity eight club and now. It's produced two top ten. Team returns to action this weekend to close out this fall schedule and frostbite got there. In New Jersey. In years to water indoors the and Norfolk. Over the weekend to participate in the NCAA. Away with a victory over propelled host Old Dominion on the challenge their head to head battle with northeastern. In 2000. Jared Schmidt continues his impressive senior campaign as he captured the top spot to one meter title and second in a three meter and my teammates Costin went around and Fernando rubio also captured the first place finishes. In their events full squad returned to the pool and two weeks of Mason posted eight. On November 5 Just a reminder this Friday the men's basketball team takes the court for the first time this season. At 7 PM at the Patriot center. You know that we had to do it for this week shall be sure to check back next week for another all really good. Green Eagles week. CSN Washington dot com.