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Despite familiar record, Redskins stronger than years past



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Tue, 6 Nov 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. On Monday Mike Shanahan addressed we the media saying his post game comments after the Panthers lost were misconstrued. On Tuesday before sending this players away for five days. He felt the need to address them as well. He was not very pleased with the way I handled in the media and it was very clear to us. About that he put it out there to where there's no no gray area. And he's he's let us know what I exactly how he feels I thought about things this season I feel about the guys that that are in his in this locker room. You know we were going to be plan on Sunday. The fact of the matter is that would Scotia and -- about how we responded well coming out of his bout with insulin since 2007 their last playoff appearance. The Redskins have been in the same boat albeit a sinking one and three -- 63 of the last four years but that was what distractions like mr. McNabb. And big out. This year squad says the locker room is better. Is that enough. We're gonna find out if this team's different sort of find out what time the team and is it. Any team that's a good fit him finds out November. Hopefully we have a chance of winning games important in November and December. You gotta come here and and figure out a way to fix it so that you know we're not in this situation again nobody likes of the -- like we don't like the coaches don't like your home. But we've got to figure a way out of regardless of what his record is you know up until this point we know he's he's creating. A Super Bowl winning. Environment in this and the foundation is here but we feel like we still -- and can do some things this year to to put ourselves in position to tell hopefully opposition. So there psyche remain strong a couple of notes long snapper nick Seidenberg has been cleared to play after breaking his arm in the season opener look for him against the Eagles. Wide popular -- says his foot is feeling better but not great and safety Brandon Meriweather did work on Tuesday he will stick around to do more work in hopes. -- being ready. For the Eagles with the Redskins and Ashford chick Hernandez. CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.