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Tue, 6 Nov 2012|



CSN Washington dot com.

He's a guy -- sports net central update. Everybody Julie Donaldson for season Washington dot com -- in the spirit of Election Day we -- your local teams. To find out which of their teammates they would vote for the answers. May surprise you. Our locker room.

That's tough I'm gonna say it Kirk cousins. Because he sugarcoat everything. And and just knows how to say everything in and I swear I'm never ever let anybody the wrong way inside everybody inside to --

Nice guy I'll look rather close London Fletcher -- you know inspirational guarding those little cartoon garden --

I think the quarterback having to correct spend the best of everything he's been the most impressive he's. -- I mean he's handled his peers handle the coaching staffs and the pressure he. He's. Even as a rookie the leader of the -- about on this team who would make the best present and the United States pool pool the local news.

Probably nobody -- yeah. What a classic answer -- that's gonna do it premiered at Comcast sports says studios. I'm Julie Nelson for season Washington dot com.

CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. After moving the location of game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals between DC united and to the New York rebels. It was once again postponed here in New York due to what you can here somewhat unsafe conditions on the Patriots. Now DC united not want to let their fan base down. Took to the field after the announcement was made into the stands to thank their fans over 700 of them. Who bust out from DC and the acts. A lot of guys sacrifice. We're. I'm here and no not not every bit the favorite tomorrow it's always sort of appreciation and doesn't work. I'm sorry came up there's old they give a hundred. Not sure people understand what these fans didn't. Midweek game in particular. You know to come up here a trip like this live with a late game you're talking about really two days and you know. So their line of work you know they're making excuses they're begging for days off and now we're asking to do it again. It's you know it's pretty tough I mean there was a lot of very unhappy people out there I'm glad our players came up. Because then they remembered here in the first to bring over six people to a game an away game. And then to have sit down like that you know it's it's incredible and that is service there. In the feel terrible for they got to go back. You know tonight or tomorrow they took off work. So terrible former thank them enough for coming out that it they always get our back and hopefully someone to call off to another their work who those pulses in DC can. Thompson's slack and they can stay one more night. DC united and the New York Red Bulls will meet her right here. night at 730. Incredible arena for game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. And ballerina Kellie CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. sports net central Over what Michael Jenkins with Geico sports at central update snow on the pitch. Not very good especially DC united and the rebels trying to put secondly this playoff series they were snowed out postponed to Thursday night. On the would it take and overtime come up short 194. Bradley bill Albert finds a shooting touch as the finishes sixteen which is now my only read on the other night. That'll do it on the Comcast sports net studios on Michael Jenkins for CSN Washington dot. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Ben Olsen applauds DCU fans in NYC

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    CSN Washington dot com. I think we held them probably the Red Shirts. They need a lot to these guys. They were part of my hat's off to the guys then. Who they inspire our group and I think it was part of the reason why they were ready to go tonight and so there went up there in and thank them and I feel terrible when they got to go back. You know tonight or tomorrow they took off work. Feel terrible form thank them enough for coming out they always get our back and hopefully someone can call off another there work. Hopefully those pulses in DC can cut him some slack and make it's they were more night. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Wittman: A lot of good came from loss in Boston

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    CSN Washington dot com. Again and we did come through get They'll play down the stretch of games. A lot of these guys have never been in position like this. Before. That we on the floor there and coach learning process who. Taking care of the ball fusion. Down the stretch and I came to me everybody. It's disappointing because we lost to a lot of good things. Going on and and we play every JC tried deployed. community. You know Likud which you know who wasn't it wasn't a 100% and I appreciate but. They really care is coming off the bench again at the victory was the score and you know. Until we had a lot of good looks we just know we're not making shots right now especially at the story games. You don't get a shot 3047. At the free throw line. That that general. I can't understand that was. You know too many turnovers down for the game. Discovered growth how important was this program. Reported fourteen. I mean this isn't about individuals. You know it's about guys learning deploying friendlies for that. It means for them a lot of guys who have earned that spot but Bradley came out aggressive tonight. And uses but probably his best game he's played this or we played with confidence he may make quick decisions and had a lot of good looks that didn't go ahead and that's you know as long as you're getting good looks and we're taking good shots that's true CSN Washington dot com.