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Gary Williams Report: How Dez Wells can help the Terps



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Wed, 7 Nov 2012|


Five so that is as wells and this is. Gary Williams and the number of our college basketball team could see assert that good to see you have -- 33 years as a head coach Tony to have around -- -- of all time winningest coach. He's not just talk -- but today we will little bit Dez wells. How does this take place Thomas. They ruled ineligible for your troubles at Xavier and now he's -- Merrill interpret again. Any ruling by the NCAA the initial ruling you can until it means so -- appeal just to make sure they've covered every -- The appeal process basically is a ten minute conversation with the NCAA. Dez wells gets to speak and then the AD Kevin Anderson is case. Gets to speak from an administrative standpoint and they both did a great job because. The NCAA saw enough evidence there to change their opinion from the previous decision as much as you've dealt with the NCAA surprised that the change your mind. Well things have changed a little bit if you watched it the transfer rule they they cleaned that up a couple days ago and I think they wanted to make sure everything's on that this same -- going going forward and I think that helped. The Maryland's situation at this point there we just heard from Mark Turgeon how does this change the way. He coaches his team running game and in practice well one thing he was sure to happen to a week ago so we would've had time to use. Wells is much as you probably would like to with the first team. He has to play wells has to play because she's a very talented player but at the same time. To put his name with the first team right now we're the only two days practicing before the game very difficult to do and they've maybe they can do it but it would be difficult. There as they get ready for the Kentucky Wildcats by the way it was going to be an estimate there and Brooklyn. You know Maryland fans better than anybody. The expectation levels gonna raise up now -- Dez wells being eligible. What are the expectations for this young man. Well he had a great freshman years Xavier. No doubt about he's with a bachelor's and Atlantic ten and he can really play he's at that 65 athlete that can play a little bit of forward a little bit to guard him the ball well one of shoots a pretty good. So he's very personal record in. You like those kind of guys because he gives you the ability. To put him into some different places and it's like almost having two players. The completed very high level so he's gonna he's gonna be out there play. -- at -- -- John Howard we have Faust blend the big Fella James Padgett Brooklyn native and check cleared does wells it in your starting -- up. Well I think down the road who probably Welsh weather will be Friday -- iron on Woolsey put -- queries is more impressed a lot of people just when he walks on the court yet because of -- -- physical presence is a big Fella well it's great to have you on our team I get to be the guard. If he never let me take a shot. During those charity game we -- shooting contest went to go well also my kids not really with me and and if you beat them. To airwaves to -- -- all season -- back here. CSN Washington dot com.

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