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Game 2 postponed, DCU kicks it with fans in New York



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Thu, 8 Nov 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. After moving the location of game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals between DC united and to the New York rebels. It was once again postponed here in New York due to what you can -- here somewhat unsafe conditions on the Patriots. Now DC united not want to let their fan base down. Took to the field after the announcement was made into the stands to thank their fans over 700 of them. Who bust out from DC and the acts.

A lot of guys sacrifice. We're.

I'm here and no not not every bit the favorite tomorrow it's always sort of appreciation and -- doesn't work. I'm sorry came up there's old -- they give a hundred.

Not sure people understand what these fans didn't. Midweek game in particular. You know to come up here a -- trip like this live with a late game you're talking about really two days and you know. So their line of work you know they're making excuses they're begging for days off and now we're asking to do it again. It's you know it's pretty tough I mean there was a lot of very unhappy people out there I'm glad our players came up. Because then they remembered -- here in the first to bring over six -- people to a game an away game. And then to have -- sit down like that you know it's it's incredible and that is service there. In the --

feel terrible for -- they got to go back. You know tonight or tomorrow they took off work. So terrible former -- thank them enough for coming out that it they always get our back and hopefully someone to call off to another their work who -- those pulses in DC can. Thompson's slack and they can stay one more night.

DC united and the New York Red Bulls will meet her right here. -- night at 730. Incredible arena for game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. And ballerina Kellie -- CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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