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CSN Washington dot com. Just four nights ago Wizards forward Chris -- played just eighteen seconds in which just lost to Boston. But against the Celtics last night he responded by scoring twelve of his fourteen points in the fourth quarter for Singleton is really simple as just being ready whenever your number's called. -- player. And we've got to be ready and you know match ups and we have been so we haven't gotten into a good rhythm. A certain core group -- first and second units I don't have too much so as professionals. I'm in a -- obviously I'm -- This time of the starters who have jobs and is on his. -- -- -- -- He's he's a big spark for us on these kind of like I expect to sort of speak you know what you can do what he can also just forward. Just -- disease he completed three or four and it and it brings -- -- pain so. He's definitely a threatened -- whenever he's an excellent some assistant management. Threw down a responded -- -- and it was managing. And -- sending him sort of in Stubbs -- sorry excuse offices. You know our defense has been pretty good. What do we go superiors. Whether it's a starting games. It's or stretches -- you know you're you're not scoring and you're getting stopped should not scoring and we feel -- -- part of the game go over you could take advantage of the game if you can. If you can score and and you're working through those kind of combinations and Chris Kaman. Last night's game set. And I think you know when you went 24 minutes I think really would score the last fifty plus they'll eventually get again. What more injury related note for the Wizards this afternoon John Wall met with the team doctor and MRI revealed that the stress fracture in his right knee is healed. Right now there isn't an exact timetable for walls returned to the lineup but the team is hoping for his return by the beginning of December. The Wizards Brian Jackson season Washington dot dot. CSN Washington dot com.



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