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Thu, 8 Nov 2012|



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I think we're much -- Our head Coach Gary Williams as we get set for the college basketball season but we do get jitters a little bit of the season before the season begins -- not coaching them just just for old time's -- know you get a little bit that I did this time a year year you really get excited as coach. Wish you'd think you're gonna be good no nobody's beaten you yet so you really feel like you get a chance to be good you like good old Boys and Girls Club and try to coach them up just. As I did speak at a couple basketball clinic this year just to can get a little basketball but it absorbed -- as we look at the landscape here and the DMV -- top five teams before one games and play well.

I think you have to go with Georgetown based on what just what we did last year with their tradition in the big east and how they did they seem to come to play themselves. That gives them a little bit of an edge the Virginia commonwealth. What they're doing their teams it's really tough to play them this time a year you consider chaotic defense it forced him to turn overs and you're really not ready to play against that type of defense is finally here. And of course Virginia.

You know they have some good -- coming back their big people have to show up and you know -- now with. Does well social might change a little bit very quickly where -- where they're ranked and of course George Mason coming off the 24 win season last year certainly. Is very competitive. And -- picked very high in their league this year -- OJ -- does not have with your guys on the rise up and by the way. Because could go to Loyola fight to Georgetown I give -- the Florida Gators on a carrier and aircraft cure the did this last year at the Indians -- Here this -- gonna play on a boat a big ship as a coach prepare for that well. The big thing is you can't keep saying well this is really going to be different to your team you have to say we're placing thing for both teams that type of thing for me but if it's windy. It's not the same thing OK you these guys now today have grown up not playing outside so this whole. Another element formed -- in the needs something outside and if you have a good inside game if you pass the ball really well where you get close to basket that's going to be a help for you and certainly Georgetown you know can do those two things -- at Florida traditionally -- Billy Donovan has been a three point shooting team. They're not going to be in this game. Plus Florida's big this year they have good inside players. As -- Georgetown is going to have to win the battle on the glass to be successful by -- Kentucky's in Brooklyn to start the season year old. Your old school what are your thoughts well -- I wanna play. Kentucky the first game of the year on the on what I'm a much like to play and later but to compare these freshman even though they're very good for Kentucky that last year's freshman. I don't think he can do that yet because -- team played unselfishly and they played great defense. Anytime you have that type of talent to Kentucky has. And to -- courage credit he got them to play together. And then they've they were didn't matter where -- they where they were just playing great basketball. We'll see if they can do the same thing again this year and I think where was really looking forward to playing this game and you say don't want you'd like to play Kentucky in the in the early in the season. Yeah you'd be Kentucky late in the season back in 2002. A little rings that goodness visited yesterday at home in my. Safe and -- invited that's airwaves. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Thank you very much Charlie good to see my friend that three and six how should the Redskins really feel about where they are right now on the season. Watch Taylor and at at the schedule to coming into the season I thought that three wins would be probably on par where they would be right now looking at this schedule. Then if somebody told we will here's what these teams are gonna really play like. I thought they might be able to get to a 45 type. Scheduled to at this point so I would think when they look at themselves they're a little bit disappointed but the thing we lose track of his they've had some key injuries effort that absolutely are they still playoff contender. And maybe my most important question you is is the internal conversation that a general manager and head to head coach has when they look at their roster and they see that they're struggling. When do they really start thinking about. Maybe playing other guys and moving towards next year well playoff and a lot of that they were playoff contender in August I think this is just another part of the rebuilding process going through this year. They can cut it had those discussions with the you're winning or losing about what players to play if there's a viable candidate to try to make you better. You're not gonna sit there and bench people middle way through the season having a tryout camp. But as it was we get towards the end of the season you may try to get a guy in to get a little bit more experience. Go to next year. It's not going to be huge party evaluation process because you're still gonna see enough of gears now talking about the Ravens and the Raiders game this Sunday. Both defense is really struggling against the run but in particular with the Ravens after what. They gave up 251 yards just last Sunday do you see the Ravens really get back on track in terms of maybe didn't stop him. Yeah I think so I think whether with a going to be better when they were better this week defensively. Tackling gang tackling a much better job Sunday of swarming giving people the ball the other thing is gap control better gap discipline by the defense of line. I think those two things are gonna help improve against the one when they play the Raiders this week. 25 carries ninety yards and a touchdown for Ray Rice. We're starting to get into those dog days when he gets cold pound football from DC now the Ravens really establishing him a little more as we go down the stretch yeah I think so because forcible. You know to me. He's their best player on offense the most consistent player on offense and no one he's the ball's going to be at his hands I think the other thing with that is Sunday. Was what physical up front the tight ends blocked better so all of that's gonna help them be a better offensive the other thing is. Move the chains then take your shots Eagle on that progression you know more productive offense is what they did Sunday but Ray Rice is a key part of that offense has always appreciate the time of the one and only our resident GM. Pakistan early yesterday again itself. At a at the CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Nick daily on the rookie. But hero in our nation's capital with the game winning and series winning goal for DC united over the New York Red Bulls that sends it to the Eastern Conference championship what's. Look back in this game Red Bull arena have greens. Contact on both feet since Pedro hurt. Sensitivity. Anything about the put away. We've seen mark Geiger called earlier on rfk. The Colts encroachment and not one not two but 3-D C united players in interior on really well into the box and just won back to. The ten It's an old problem Marquez got settled for a second yellow. BC got here in the. on with the gold DC united advances to the Eastern Conference championship we've seen it before this the team that just won't out what what's in this youth. You know just that than not he views and don't go in the play and we'll do whatever it takes the battle and Ben was like that when he play. He battled every single game he would do every didn't matter if it was going to matter the conditions are good or battery is playing against he was a fighter and he's. Putting into his team in this team as a fighting team. And everyone knows they're coming no one's gonna be surprised by DC united now and their play in another fighting team in the Houston diabetic part of the lion. Ben Olsen and some of that's rubbed off certainly on this team is DC Houston for the Eastern Conference championship although what do you see in that match up well. DC united in this is going to be one of the big challenges and Ben Olson has got a big week as a coach as a young head coach because he's got a races seem again. There on a roll now they can be feeling absolutely fantastic about life. But emotionally this may have taken a lot out of the now got to go to BBB a compass stadium. They'll go with a spring in in Houston have been so horrific crime. Their unbeaten in their new stadium but come away DC united with a decent result you go back to rfk stadium. They all that salt seats remaining in the post season under the new system if they get MLS cup. They stick so that they picked Howard as being dangled here. Is a sold out rfk stadium in MLS cup if they can get better is going to be terrific series against the Houston Dynamo. What a scene that could be an RK but hitters work to be done the first leg of the Eastern Conference championship. 4 PM eastern on the NBC sports network DC united is then we'll see you there. CSN Washington dot com.