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The NBC crew breaks down United's big win in NYC



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Fri, 9 Nov 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Nick daily on the rookie. But hero in our nation's capital with the game winning and series winning goal for DC united over the New York Red Bulls that sends it to the Eastern Conference championship what's. Look back in this game Red Bull arena have greens. Contact on both feet since Pedro hurt. Sensitivity. Anything about the -- put away. We've seen mark Geiger called earlier on rfk. The Colts encroachment and not one not two but 3-D C united players in interior on really well into the box and just won back to. The ten -- It's an old problem Marquez got settled for a second yellow. -- -- -- -- -- BC got -- here in the. -- on with the gold DC united advances to the Eastern Conference championship we've seen it before this the team that just won't -- out what what's in this youth. You know just that than not he views and don't go in the play and we'll do whatever it takes the battle and Ben -- was like that when he play. He battled every single game he would do every -- didn't matter if it was going to matter the conditions are good or battery is playing against he was a fighter and he's. Putting into his team in this team as a fighting team. And everyone knows they're coming no one's gonna be surprised by DC united now and their play in another fighting team in the Houston diabetic -- part of the lion. Ben Olsen and some of that's rubbed off certainly on this team is DC Houston for the Eastern Conference championship although what do you see in that match up well. DC united in this is going to be one of the big challenges and Ben Olson has got a big week as a coach as a young head coach because he's got a races seem again. There on a roll now they can be feeling absolutely fantastic about life. But emotionally this may have taken a lot out of the -- now got to go to BBB a compass stadium. They'll go with a spring in -- -- in Houston have been so horrific crime. Their unbeaten in their new stadium but -- -- come away DC united with a decent result you go back to rfk stadium. They all that salt seats remaining in the post season under the new system if they get -- MLS cup. They -- stick so that they picked Howard as being dangled here. Is a sold out rfk stadium in MLS cup if they can get better is going to be terrific series against the Houston Dynamo. What a scene that could be an RK but hitters work to be done the first leg of the Eastern Conference championship. 4 PM eastern on the NBC sports network DC united is then we'll see you there. CSN Washington dot com.

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