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Wizards fall to the Bucks despite Beal's breakout performance



  1. Monta Ellis1:15
  2. Wizards0:00, 0:19, 1:02
  3. Jennings0:24, 0:39, 1:22
  4. Milwaukee0:09, 0:22
  5. Washington0:08, 0:37
  6. bright spot1:33
Fri, 9 Nov 2012|


The Wizards looking for their first win of the season. Bradley be -- averaging just under or nine points per game as Washington hosts Milwaukee got it going early. In this one going around -- screen and knocking out a long day than later in the first Trevor our threes up finds feel. For the easy -- Wizards scored the first twelve points of the game. Milwaukee didn't make a run. Brandon Jennings with a difficult shot over a -- Okafor box led by two after one. Over four minutes left in the second now box up seven. Want to Alice drive that easy bucket then Washington gets sloppy Jennings steal the inbounds pass and nailed the -- They led by nine at the break wiz playing some tough. Prices gets the steal and had to deal for the easy jam. Was it down -- fighting back down nine in the fourth deals finds bunker and the emphatic slam. Are right there in the lead is cut 702. Minutes remaining Wizards down nine in transition deal flushes that down. -- again this seven -- had 22 of the game was out of reach. And under thirty seconds left and things got physical field fountains fouls Monta Ellis hard. And tempers flare up. Or at least one top players Jennings deal would receive a flagrant two and be injected Jennings. Also rejected Wizards remain winless they lose it what no one to 91 now Bradley feel definitely a bright spot for the Wizards 42 points -- rebounds. It feels that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With 22 points also.

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