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Wizards show fight, not frustration, in loss to Bucks



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Sat, 10 Nov 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. When the Wizards came out aggressive in the first quarter against Milwaukee so much so they jumped out -- on 8120 run before the Bucs knew what hit him for rookie Bradley deal he played his most inspired game of the early season netting a game high 22 points. But unfortunately the Wizards are still searching for their first win. There was -- wind for it this far from us and we really gave us and I have to mail order for his biceps. So assuming you really get after we really put stuff in transition. I think they kind of came back. -- -- -- He's got to continue to do he's grown he's given more confident. He's attack and more. Still way he's got. There is to still do it even more I think. With 23 seconds left in the fourth quarter tempers flared when Brantley -- hard filed Monty Ellis. Brandon Jennings came in and push the rookie who was assessed a flagrant suit filed and the subsequent ejection. Minnesota team is supposed to do. And -- a great job. Mean just us that's who got to do got to make our marvelous a modified -- like this do we got to react who's found. -- -- -- -- I conference whose room is news Agassi Carlos of dishonesty and managers the conclusion. Missile defense. It's physical group. This -- -- it's -- a day when you with some kind of I mean is if you can block a shot I don't think. -- -- used to try to make a basketball period you know again in my neighborhood committee -- sewed them on politicos so that played who ever played. And they did unfortunately we didn't do. -- bad situation. In case you're wondering frustration has not set in on this basketball team yet. Players I talked to say they're still searching for that 48 minute game they'll get another opportunity Saturday night which starts the first. Of nineteen back to back games. This season. At the Verizon Center Chris Miller CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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