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Csnwashington.com. Thank you joining me now is our Redskins insider Tarik el Bashir thanks for joining us -- lets get straight to a lot of injuries to address here for the Redskins after the bye and we get. Kind of seems we might be getting a few guys back and start on defense. Brandon meriwether couple false starts and coming back this season but it looks like he could be making his debut against the Eagles if he is back what kind of an impact will he have.

Well you know it looks like he's going to be able to play he practiced on Monday. Now he said he wants to get through the week to make sure he's going to be able to go on Sunday in singles but his impact could be significant you know this is a secondary that's really struggled this year especially in pass coverage. They're the thirtieth ranked team in yards allowed per game and here. Dead last tied for dead last in touchdowns allowed now here's he's a veteran presence he told me the other day that not only it does he expect to bring some veteran leadership. And talent to the back end he said he also feels like he's going to be able to it. What the guys have some funny that the one thing you -- watching from afar. The DBs don't think what they're having any fun he's so he's kind of characteristic shall I say and -- know he's at it we're having fun we're gonna play better.

Right I imagine when you give up so many big plays it it is hard my demoralized just having. That's fun aspect let's get down to the offense -- wide receiver Pierre goes on he's been battling this injury foot injury for probably about six weeks now. He was back at practice it would be the -- and the season at all.

You know that's a great question this is a critical week for Pierre I would say if he doesn't have a lot of progress as we put that on that toe on his right foot for the injured in the season opener. They might opt for surgery on me he said he wants to do all he can to avoid having surgery. But you know it's not getting better is a much better at this point he said there's been a little bit of progress we sit still hurts some walking hurts running hurts cutting hurts so you know we hear that in week ten. You start thinking that maybe it's time to to have surgery in Kansas get ready for next year.

That's not something to -- big and Oliver for up to carry out all Jammal Brown he was cleared to play. Been battling a hip injury will he be back to you know.

We didn't even hear the name Jammal Brown for the past couple months member he was hurt in conditioning drill on the eve of training camp. I was put on the pup list and kind of was forgotten about him mean because that is my first -- the team I didn't even see him that much maybe once or twice. Exactly so I see -- seven walked on the practice field and I ever was kind of surprised but you know again it's also a critical time for him the Redskins as of today have two weeks to decide whether to act. Activate them or put him on the season ending IR. I'm thinking he wants to play and he's into all we can get back -- he'll -- his horse if he is activate the question is. As he had it ready in game shape so you know yes. Thank you very much heart we appreciate it. CSN Washington dot com.

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  3. Charley Casserly on if RG3 is hitting the 'rookie wall'

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    Csnwashington.com. Could that three and six Redskins make the playoffs RT three seems to think south. I'm Jennifer Williams alongside former Redskins GM Charley casserly before we get to those questions let's talk about some possible players coming back. Brandon meriwether and Pierre Garcon practice today if they were to play Sunday vs Eagles who you think quit have a bigger impact. Not gonna go on here he's one receiver he's a speed player he changes your coverages. Gives you chance for a big play any point he scores points Meriweather gives you more athletic ability safety has more energy. But I don't see the impact of a safety. In this game being as much of an impact as PR boss on and in any game for the rest of the season. I let's talk about RG three this performance has been somewhat on the decline the past few games do you think this is RG three. Fans should expect to see he is a rookie after all or aren't seeing you think it's his supporting cast maybe not. May be affecting his ability performance. I think couple things showed it was like an awful lot of drops. And that obviously affects him and I also put you behind on the schedule they've gotten behind in games of the have to drop back more this offensive line is not built they'll always be big enough to continually drop back and protect so now he has to throw from the drop back position more. Which right now is the asked the one of the most and now he does some things they have a two things that I see at times in the drop back game number one. At times there's people open down feeling doesn't pull the trigger on and in his accuracy shows he's not a pinpoint passer he has good accuracy but not exceptional accuracy. And he'll go in stretches so does that those are two areas that he can improve upon I think he will improve on. But he is certainly above the line as being a prospect and somebody you can bill for there's there's no question you've got an excellent quarterback with the Washington Redskins. So the Redskins face nick falls to think there's maybe more pressure on the Redskins facing a rookie quarterback pressure to win. While ordinarily you would say if you gonna play a rookie quarterback there is a lot of pressure on you as a team to win the game but. To me you is your biggest pressure right now you're three and six. I don't think they're giving you know that's gonna hit any pressure to this game that falls is playing it. I think the pressure comes not sure what he's gonna do but three and six that's with the pressure so I don't think it's is big issue is if you're six and three and it stride that a rookie quarterback everybody expects you to win. Charlie you just mentioned the redskins' record but Eagles are also three and six. Let's talk about the current state of an NFC east could the Redskins possibly win the division. While this thing this thing is all running the Giants have kind of get into their November. Sworn there if you well. And we'll see how well I come out of it really Cowboys I think they're gonna get hot here and a big game is Thanksgiving Day when the Redskins travel to Dallas and playing down there so I think is still losing is still wide open is a very balanced division. But two teams are three teams really Dallas the Giants and Philly all you could argue a little bit under achieving. Dallas is the most dangerous team and I think they'll will get on a run here but the last war games this schedule pretty tough so that might catch up with a. Well Charlie thinking so much for stop okay bye and it here you can follow Charlie it's at Charley casserly on Twitter at thanks again okay. CSN Washington dot com.

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    What did you go over the corner of the Dodgers and have to as it was book out until the wind and great talks about how to commit. Persuade and what they he would. Power of story tell you story. We're all storyteller is the camp either at all it's the way we created social cohesion to move people action. The idea of a big ending the narrative in favor just the numbers in the fax is a false Phil doesn't work. Ultimately over time doesn't create NB realizes there apostles are advocates it's forgotten. You have to know how did they win they win five to 20. How did they win when they win who was active and that who the perpetrators who would be the villains a winning heroes. That's the way we hold all the information we don't just has school or we hold as a process and that's it every one of us. And that's the way it's in our DNA and that's what you want tapped into it and it's easy. Because you wired that way. Gruber had a lot of success there guys who read the book Alou but the night out I would today about well here the whole. Idea about trying to sell the Minor League Baseball concept you know to be worked well in Dayton. And he had magic gutsy and Archie Griffin trying to sell in Los Vegas and mayor wouldn't buy and it is he when it would all the stats are leading going with the story. And that's what people love about these four Mets talk radio. About talking actuality is you know you can get a seven year old to come up and had plenty Boone tell you what happened after the fact true to what makes. The game so unique and that's what we do. where I would never be put in dog house could go even if you are we gonna.