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Gary Williams: VCU can't sneak up on anyone anymore



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Tue, 13 Nov 2012|



Seats in dot com. I thank you very much you're the our head Coach Gary Williams -- so let's start this soft this week as we we had the top five last week political shuffle which of top five this week. Militarily is going to be a lot of shots early. I just think Georgetown. Not having the ability to play a whole game against Florida he can you can't judge in this show that they stay where they are they truly belong there and Tom tell. Maryland all the Kentucky game. -- to move up a great effort probably one of the best efforts early so for. This year -- and then of course VCU. There there are a threat because people people know them now and are going to be able to sneak up on anybody but when you play then -- a completely different defense and it's tough to play especially this time a year right so hopefully it'll be okay then. George Mason with a great win against Virginia. Tough game tonight against book know we'll see how that when he goes in and Virginia Tech. Part of the surprise out to know new coach in doing great agreement QVC what makes them so difficulty Wichita State this evening. Fully they have all different kinds of presses and they'll just try to scramble you're in other words so we'll probably driven ball -- being being part of the consumer interest -- and Adam and you can't run a half court offense against that you have to be good not to make plays guys have to be good enough to be open receivers. And this time a year you haven't been able to duplicate that in practice and you've probably never seen that before so for this year. So any time replace some different in November it's a problem CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. I agree with them. I'm agreeing with. Him. I absolutely agree with I hate trees I really do I hate hate that I talked about it Steve makes me talk about. After the game and ask me these loaded questions. But. You know it was so it's a real call it that changed the course in this year's and it's disappointing. They'll feel we've gotten. That the greatest shape for the last couple weeks. with the whole. The whole playoff series split. You know it's. move on and we we we have a huge huge task ahead of us so we're excited about. We were continue proving people wrong and I'd do things that that that people don't expect CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Johnson it's quite simply what he has a baseball man and when he came back to the game a few years ago as a consultant with the Mets they were the obvious questions. We manage again could manage again and again and by the three questions. Actually David Johnson. As always count. After eleven year hiatus from the diamond Davey Johnson was hired at that skipper in June of 2011. Many question Johnson of course Saturday was the right man for the job seventeen months later so many. Got their answer. Today Johnson become the fifth skipper in Major League history. To win manager of the year awards in both the big yell at and spent fifteen years and Johnson won his first one. The longest deputy manager of the year award recipients in MLB history and second time Mayfair will be his most impressive. The nationals led the NL in your race wins and they also had the rookie of the year in their lineup and then. There was that. turned a young. Fairly inexperienced team with a supremely talented pitchers that. Into division champ. He would do by spending top dollar. He did it with the toughness collar attitude. And strategic approach the game. And Johnson returning first third and final year next season Mets nation is hoping the third time's the charm for and cup. Thought Bryce Harper the National League rookie of the year just reading this message about his little while ago congrats to the best manager in. All of baseball Davey Johnson NL manager of the year and on the real person. Played. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. It comes it. guy sports net central Over what Michael. It is official nationals manager Davey Johnson is the National League manager of the year winning in a landslide. It's the second time the Johnson's taken home the honor and also won back in 1997 when he was with the post. Johnson will be back in DC for one final season in 2013. He's already said he believes the nationals have the talent when. This award nice. But I and organizational award because they'll learn has done a great job Rizzo and staff and they did an outstanding we've had great drafts. Young players this year really stepped in and key players younger like Michael Morrison. Storm went down and and my catcher went down we have a lot of young catchers come up and everybody really produced and it was just remarkable here. Actually did I didn't think field which usually they just played at their ability. And the Washington Wizards are now only six after losing to the Charlotte Bobcats 9276. Randy not pleased with his team's Yeah we play with no concept so primaries and the understanding what's going on certificate your. That we do get the line. 32 times issues. To a contender for a that you know we just don't have we don't we don't. There will play the game. Well at times as a unit. Out of three in the Comcast sports net studios a Michael Jenkins for CSN Washington dot. CSN Washington dot com.

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    She SN Washington dot com. Mark Turgeon Randy Kessel both. Reaching out to the fans that we really need each. Yeah you know these guys result in a fan of the last two or three years and a lot of problem about not getting support from the fans and Romero entered a Stood there with some of the coaches. You just have so much respect. You know for these kids and and what they do and what they go through. And you know that's why you wanna see is you know. People out there and just appreciative of the fact that how hard these kids are working and what they're what they're doing because believe me there of their spill their guts. To. You don't try to get a win. When these students to come tied games 7 o'clock Friday night. We have a good product on the floor. Start the game early so people can bring families bring kids of the game Mike is doing 8 o'clock game understand them or start some games earlier this year so. Parents out by some tickets for young kids and a stern puts more people on c.'s world play hard for him. Reasonable isn't college or all of them outwardly. Costco and asking him McCullough well. This thing you know what what the fans we say about the football program you realize you have strange situations you. You your fifth quarterback yeah won a lot. Stephon it's fun to watch you want more people like stuff bondage assure that campus. You've got to start showing up because we don't go to places when they'll have a lot of support. They don't play as well if you think based on these other schools think is certainly thousand. They have a button every street they'll come to university amount. But you're one of continuing getting those recruits to on the when you flip over a little bit you know you go more proud of them one coach. I don't know how long you been there out of notre. 7 o'clock or email Spezza Friday night is taken a long time we get there. Maybe shouldn't have 8 o'clock it's Friday I would you don't have anywhere to go what was really is students are the ones. It is brief but still it's just do everything I can't lottery what they can go pick out what. Won a super producer of any area. Understand bolts and allows you supports school but this is Washington DC. If I go and looking at home don't tell they're starting in. And I'll let anybody among ordinary it will certainly in the game in Minnesota not much you have to go to the game but it DC's are about. And we it but I'll say this basketball program. This team is good that I going to be doing DNA and now don't wait too late I. Understandable that both coaches I would also to have some home. Contractual bonuses for ten minutes is well how to measure whether there and I can help us come on out and supported if you win they will basketball they enough they're gonna come out. Football they're building you know they may be over that put the team that put the suites in there all that was when Ralph took some ball games. Salt but the students supportive and towards France I've been here now bought ten years they've heard from. He's he's the terps fans who love basketball we'll show. And you know may now Morehead State but as scheduled it's a last year veteran is in the best long and it dropped on the fourteenth. Entryway that where you were rather than not understand you have to win. Which is no way here to support also you have a very good basketball team sort of support now you know don't. Cats my good buddy went to Maryland out of my legs good money. Mitch you're so knowledgeable but there was a ball would you like Maryland will go to a game that you always calls might and in my Have you supported what do you just say all the good. I so. Lot older and what do the you can't just. When the support that you never go to minutes go to a game it's a public legendary football Obama would have to pay to go. CSN Washington dot com.