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Tue, 13 Nov 2012|



She SN Washington dot com. Mark Turgeon Randy Kessel both. Reaching out to the fans that we really need each. Yeah you know these guys -- result in a fan of the last two or three years and a lot of problem about not getting support from the fans and Romero entered a -- Stood there with some of the coaches.

You just have so much respect. You know for these kids and and what they do and what they go through. And you know that's why you wanna see is you know. People out there and just appreciative of the fact that how hard these kids are working and what they're what they're doing because believe me there of their spill their guts. To. You don't try to get a win.

When these students to come tied games -- 7 o'clock Friday night. We have a good product on the floor. Start the game early so people can bring families bring kids of the game Mike is doing -- 8 o'clock game understand them or start some games earlier this year so. Parents out -- by some tickets for young kids and a stern puts more people on c.'s world play hard for him.

Reasonable isn't college or all of them outwardly. Costco -- and asking him McCullough well. This thing you know what what the fans we say about the football program -- you realize you have -- strange situations you. You your fifth quarterback yeah won a lot. Stephon -- it's fun to watch you want more people like stuff bondage assure that campus. You've got to start showing up because we don't go to places when they'll have a lot of support. They don't play as well if you think based on these other schools -- think -- is certainly thousand. They have a button every street they'll come to university amount. But you're one of continuing getting those recruits -- to -- on the when you flip over a little bit you know you go more proud of them -- one -- coach. I don't know how long you been there out of notre. 7 o'clock or email Spezza Friday night is -- taken a long time we get there. Maybe shouldn't have -- 8 o'clock it's Friday I would -- you don't have anywhere to go what was really is -- students are the ones. It is brief but still it's just do everything I can't -- lottery what they can go pick out what. Won a super producer of any area. Understand bolts and allows you supports school but this is Washington DC. If I go and -- looking at home don't tell -- they're starting in. And I'll let anybody among ordinary it will certainly in the game in Minnesota not much you have to go to the game but it DC's are about. And we -- it but I'll say this -- basketball program. This team is good that I -- going to be doing DNA and now don't wait too late I.

Understandable that both coaches -- I would also -- to have some home. Contractual bonuses for ten minutes is well how to measure whether there and I can help us come on out and supported if you win they will basketball they -- enough they're gonna come out. Football they're building you know they may be over -- that put the team that put the suites in there all that was when Ralph took some ball games. Salt but the students -- supportive and towards France I've been here now bought ten years they've heard from. He's he's the terps fans who love basketball we'll show. And you know may now Morehead State but as scheduled it's a -- last year veteran is in the best long and it dropped on the fourteenth. Entryway that where you were rather than not understand you have to win. Which is no way -- here to support also you have a very good basketball team sort of support now you know don't.

Cats my good buddy went to Maryland out of my legs good money. Mitch you're so knowledgeable but there was a ball would you like Maryland will go to a game that you always calls might -- and in my -- Have you supported what do you just say -- all the good. I -- so. Lot older and what do the you can't just. When the support that you never go to -- minutes go to a game it's a public legendary football Obama would have to pay to go.

CSN Washington dot com.

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    Csnwashington.com. Brendan Haywood making its first visit to the Verizon Center since February of 2011. Closing seconds of the first great pressure I is point forward and I before. Get them back kids down he all the time that's happened is that back and and finished. them during his fifth. Look at this right here right behind the back smooth finish by with contact right. Great ball movement right here by Washington. Reason Webster is gonna be the recipient of a great pass for the part of a twelve to two run by the Wizards. today. three defenders in the paint right here. Dishes it off again to singled and that's what he's that he didn't score this time but you had given so much attention because of the ability to score and found me open cutters. That was an analogue right there and is happy to be back on the floor. More wind is off the western with a great board. Drive the pay for the relay and Coburn knotted up at seven who is heading into the fourth quarter. The Wizards were then down three. Webster finds out wide open Bradley deal beyond the he's thrilled that. Webster had a fantastic night he really played well finding the open deal the recipient there Webster. now the pass from Nene that inside for two of he failed the way to make the Lakers winning desperately needed they needed definitely the they did and they needed this going to with a chance to win in regulation. Crawford between the legs folded up all of I can just feel the desperation of the fans. We had the first overtime nothing to do this place more basketball it's tough opponents basketball in the extra period. Nene with a strong and I didn't know they've found the Wizards don't check it out I'm looking good big Fella some day today. No question about it definitely an asset for the Wizards on the floor Crawford tiptoed along the baseline right here barely staying in bounds There was a great bounce back and paying more than their own. Where did that in 9795. Just under a minute ago. Says that shotgun snap and it's not there and Chris Singleton but he gets fouled you. Right there on the elbow he's gonna go to the line tissue injury free throughout this these role play. Great if you had all of amazed the first went. You know sure in the second. God it's not on the and came through with the third when they put the game it's the second. Second overtime where you are really on pins and needles the Bobcats down two and Reggie Williams is only three points out of the ballgame. Nailed it right there for the Bobcats have three believes he didn't play a whole lot to me called the one of being Ortiz fouled out into the for the Wizards trailed by two with less of a second to Crawford it's a decent look from half court felt good the Wizards lose a heartbreaker 108210. Picked. Had the Verizon Center a tough one for coach Randy Wittman and the is let's go inside this that's what pops out for you. The rebounds the Wizards just did a terrific job tonight plus thirteen on the board. You know it and that is why they stayed in this game really shot 37% from the floor but they had them anymore shot because they were on the great job tonight. CSN Washington dot com.