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Wed, 14 Nov 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com doc walker right here and owls are right so is the kind of self finally taking concussions seriously. Will there there -- getting close to bridge the gap the problem with that is. That when you've tried one method of teaching the game I'm from the seventies era so -- -- everything was -- manhood it was a test you physically. I really believe that the real serious you have a concussion analysis or a guy on each sideline. It will be at every game because now you got to teach a generation of players who ferocious on defense to check up and stuff how to hit. And it sounds funny but if you don't take the helmet off this is going to be an ongoing process and it starts it. The youth levels high school college in leading up to approach. Well obviously Michael Vick one of those guys is out with a concussion. But nothing has been going right for Philadelphia right now I mean these guys are three and six yard here and the fire Andy -- up there. Are they. I don't want to make light of of the injury to -- obviously where they know the better off to kind of get falls in there are now in and get on some reps get them some again must start. I don't ever think you'd be better off with a rookie who hasn't played for. When veterans have jobs on the line when the coach his job. Is in jeopardy. The last thing I want is a guy in the it would be a -- and training wheels. I want a man and like Mike Vick who I trust who Mike's first possession he hit -- to fade route they scored. And I thought they had a little bit of momentum it was clearly the best game Beatles performed in. Up until two mishaps one special things. We'll certainly for the Redskins. They have not had success against Michael Vick so perhaps there are liking it a little bit more without barely get their jobs that defense is like finally we get a break. Well you never want to look at an opponent and say I'm fearful you never show fear what you wanna do is execute with Washington solution. Played better. The fundamentals of the game too many dropped passes they've had penalties on offense these guys got it X hell take a breath. Put a smile back when you face angle -- play games. Are so Ben Roethlisberger is out obviously with this crazy rib injury. Do you still think that this Ravens Steelers game will be as close I mean he's always not have to on the shelf life exceptional I feel robbed. As a football fan because I wanted to see two out of three in three weeks how he fails to be schooled. But put his King -- -- of a match up. In three week period of time now is that it's a battle of the fittest and who can come out and play the blues please in this the Ravens and at the -- San Diego yeah. And it's never fun -- change East Coast team on the west side. But big would be thinking about the next match that would the Steelers should just it would be victorious. And would have backed up that humiliate the -- the Ravens got to go in there handling business when you're staying decisively. And they get ready for the next match -- -- always a pleasure -- -- -- 10 hockey so we've got to do this out. And apostles and what's in the house. CSN Washington dot com.

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