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CSN Washington dot com. At some point when you're talking about the only winless team in the NBA words are not enough. The Wizards are now a 17 after last night's loss the Mavericks so the only thing left to do -- shown that we care. -- -- It's going to be OK. Can we are. Theres not happened last night in big -- Wizards using an all hands on deck approach while trying to get that victory so we're getting interactive. The whizzed into the game ranking last in the NBA in points in the paint would put -- -- point seven a game. So what -- vastly throwing down helping the Wizards increased their average to 35 global layup. Or -- strong and throw the ball Mark Cuban because flights owner from Dallas. The answer of course is beat them. -- blows it starting a fast break for the mavs Chris Kaman knocks down a mid range jumper. And the Wizards down 6345. For. Wisdom would trump might lead to in this game and in the fourth they make -- -- thanks to their bridge blue and it scores more than their starters deep. Pulls the Dallas -- scoreless foresee. Intimidates Dallas but -- wide variety lottery picks. Any answer for. He is paid the Wizards bench scored 63 on the night as Kevin Seraphin gets the baby hook then later Cartier Martin berries along ball. The Wizards cut the lead 38. So another game coming down to the wire Washington trailing by three and they force a turnover which starts to break what the Wizards. Finally get win number one or lose their seventh game of the season for. The Wizards move the ball nicely Jannero Pargo. For the equalizer. And it is no good. Washington falls again up 107101. Seconds to play. We've got to Cuba didn't and we -- tonight. We haven't had very few guys -- we have. You know you just here and there are things that you know. We have to do better more consistent that. But it's good that we just keep focus that we just keep working to do one -- we -- You know just to the learning process. We can get down -- like we. You know tonight we we did fight back. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Jannero Pargo1:43
  2. Mark Cuban0:43
  3. Cartier Martin1:23
  4. Kevin Seraphin1:21
  5. Wizards0:08, 0:25, 0:38
  6. Kaman0:54
  7. Mavericks0:10
  8. Dallas0:45, 1:09, 1:12
  9. lottery picks1:13
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