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Thu, 15 Nov 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. This is not your normal college experience. Like at the US Naval Academy is not for everyone to back it's only the select few good enough dedication and desire to commit to their country.

The tough decision. -- for an eighteen year old kid and -- my father and my mom helped me out tremendously. With that decision at that time. Another stellar college scholarship offers this Saturday Sunday afternoon. And you -- get a hundred degree it's in my country the same time.

Tommy is a former navy running back to turn Washington Redskins. His decision become a midshipman wish it on one of the most tragic days in American history. When my eleventh explains what goes through you. -- in -- class. Teachers turn on the TV and at that time you know and here you're that young you really don't realize the impact it's gonna have -- your -- and you know that game down earlier and -- So senator's Washington knows in the first -- come and then in the second -- come and not realizing you know the large impact -- now my life in the future a tidy finish from -- and Ohio to Annapolis Maryland. They made the most of the opportunity. To got it. And for the touchdown. Rushing for over 2000 yards and fifteen touchdowns in his four years at the academy it's -- created numerous memories along the way.

A very Smart player wise we'll -- history against Notre Dame -- not double overtime and Notre Dame and.

We -- stop them on the on the one Carolina.

Now they're on the DL and all my friends are on the field and it was. The great moment.

You are really gave -- a lot of kind of I had talked to -- that we need to go to one of the -- lotteries. And the -- long. So it's the top then you know -- the -- the other guys leave their country you Blount so.

Image hit it requires commitment both figuratively. And literally. And Tommy. Was note if supplies -- you know it's it's hard but you know -- I saw a lot lot of great places and I saw. They're around point three countries when I went overseas for an appointment which was a great experience nor -- Colombia for awhile that's. You know. I'm Travis area do interdiction operations and military relations. It's not a return.

The states during the New England Patriots practice squad. But it appeared that they would be short lived when the navy came calling once again.

Those shots. Just to fire there was no -- from higher up that everything's fine. I had the Mallon was saying report back immediately assume suburb also that night around 8 o'clock. Until what happened. --

Only. With some help from Annapolis native Bill Belichick then maybe eventually granted it's on his appeal. This past September. September 11 the last to Johnny found his way to the nation's capital. And the Redskins. Come to DC we hear. You know obviously it's staying in the league you come into Washington DC which I was as many military reputation won't always.

Thoughts that are best nation's capital and you know an -- sort -- ago there's much like Anheuser. This weekend. So today I -- sponsor parents. Academy my economic and no other. And you are playing alongside. The most dynamic football player. In the NFL right now how's that gone for you. On the discipline of your players are known -- back on nine. At that many camp I was actually there was shock and you know got in the huddle those Tom Brady and Randy Moss Wes Welker. Logan Mankins. So I -- Horton might do it as graduated last week. But in that's cool and so obvious -- hunger of players and you know Robert has. It's a good person and a great player so. -- time he's had this year travels and his left quite an impression.

Anybody who's willing to serve their country -- Speaks volumes for them as a person. You know we're pulling for or come off a product. You know his kids to come here for selfless. There's people great character great integrity. And that fits you know there it's time to.

When your round and you see how Smart he is and how he handles himself he sent me. This guy's on my football team will help us when you can tell he's been part of the academy just the way he works his work ethic how intelligent he is so. You know just a basic fundamentals you think you receive communication within his intelligence is applicability is work ethic toughness. All those things so. Competitive portion.

I'm sure there are on the go in there and think what have I done. Together about every day. That you realize it says here. They love the play as well I was it's just great players but you know it's tough it's tough in the we. Mentally strong.

CSN Washington dot com.

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