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Thu, 15 Nov 2012|



Csnwashington.com. Am -- in a cold air in here with your Geico sports net central update we all know our very own Tarek Al Bashir is a fine writer as a Redskins insider. But on Thursday he broke a chat with his mouth that his body just could not cash he cannot -- he writer Joseph white to a forty yard dash and here's. What I'm talking about -- lasted about twelve yards and -- I -- every time and gravity just stay over. -- turf sandwiched that race is done. He challenges in two or redo as you can see yet he doesn't get there and time -- beat him every time but I can see -- and watch him all over. And over and over by the way redskins' head coach Mike Shanahan watched the whole thing. And was at a loss for words. As a -- you can -- I couldn't stop laughing -- here in our Comcast sports net studios article -- for CSN Washington dot com. Csnwashington.com.

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  1. Kyle Shanahan on the expected return of Pierre Garcon

    Fri, 16 Nov 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. Come back after the break it teams seem a little refreshed and ready for this important out. I had did you get away for a little visualize or relax your body in your mind but you have one and a while so I think it's been along. Two weeks and are eager to get back out there and get one. If Pierre Garcon is ready to go at this point having missed so much time what can he provide for you even if it's just been having to account for. The seventh year out there makes a difference and I know 300% if not this week probably for the whole year but just having him out there. You know the physical mysteries of the game appears a very tough player he's good after the catch and he runs the ball so we need him out there and how about a rotation. The Eagles wide nine defense is tough on the tackles but does that potentially open things middle of the field for Robert decent scrambling. at times you know I've played against it for awhile in and we putting us in Tennessee and I got a lot of respect for that scheme you know they are wide lanes open like. think it's been a disruption off the field they crash the pocket and try to keep everything inside and it's been pretty good job moving years. Logan Paulson got his chance he's really taken advantage of kind of weapons you become. Logan is so steady and guy we rely on. He's automatic we know we can always do his job he works as hard as anyone he's gotten better each State's been here guys that. You know all the coaches and players about. And of course we here at Comcast sports net are fired up for Sunday's fight for survival against the Eagles are comprehensive game day coverage begins at high noon with the Redskins kick off. Special guest analyst Clinton Portis joins in on the fun on location at FedEx Field CP and B Mitch will break down the efficient Redskins running game. Then a right after the game goes final switch back to Comcast sports for Redskins postgame live. Csnwashington.com.

  2. CSN Update: Meriweather and Garcon active for Sunday?

    Fri, 16 Nov 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. Geico sports net central today. Aybar on a cold and for your CSN Washington dot com update. It looks like Washington will be getting to is back on the field against the Eagles won on offense and one on defense hasn't played. Since week five without troublesome telling Brandon meriwether would be making his season debut after missing the first nine games with a bad knee. Both players are excited to be here to help. During stretch run. I've been steady in our No in America hard and you know trying to we sit together and it be great just the guy that was there. Never really out of it is long you know if not applicable while machine courses around the house in the nuts and mixed today is longer look kinda play for one enjoy. Smiling in here and sending guys in to Thomas's son together let. It's easy just said after rescind your information but it should community in Good chance but football. Yeah at anfield yes. And that'll do it from here in the Comcast sports net studios on nickel Darren for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Holy Football: Pastor Deitsch picks the Redskins vs. Eagles

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    Seats in dot com. Morning my name is rob magical about the Bob is a religion and making my weekly prediction of the Redskins this week vs the Philadelphia Eagles happening at FedEx Field since June 30 two teams I think they're going in different directions. Think the Redskins are going up. Slowly. But the Philadelphia Eagles have a phenomenally talented team everybody knows that even without Michael Vick out for this week. Still have phenomenal team. That could explode at any moment. And I think unfortunately the Redskins are one of those types of teams which always brings it out and in in them. Not in them will play their best and that in top form I've seen them do that unfortunately. On to something from and I would not count them out and think that there are. Down already beat to be cute kicked is I think he grieving state who don't underestimate him like that so my prediction for this which unfortunately is that the the Eagles come to play. the score will be 31. 23 Eagles. Portraits. But that's what though popular and we wish. The Redskins good look. In will be great to see them win but I don't think this all. As a gimme game for them so stuff I hope drug official up there could approach the game. But unfortunately I think the Eagles are going to come to play as you note it's the first day of the month might not know that's the first of the month. He's led to Hebrew month. Speed which. We celebrate Clarke so it just handles it meant no results to join us to prepare for celebrating that holiday of lights Kirk. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Holy Football: Pastor Ken picks the Redskins vs. Eagles

    Fri, 16 Nov 2012

    I mean it in the past or anything battles campus in Bethesda Maryland all Montgomery county and we're here this installment of football. So this past week was that I was Washington's zone you know to think about two weeks ago and play against the pass but it seems like a long time ago. But that doesn't want to remember it was not a game her thoughts were never really in an answer it'll do what ever there. And this is a line six teams that he can't really that's it you're watching it. I'm wanting to talk about early in the season how quickly defenses will it be able to learn how to prepare and practice this is the second week. He's that you know good for points and nothing's spectacular certainly not star. They get economy led Eagles who are equal the right now more. So I have to start remark that there six now and mark partly Michael Vick is out apparently option and those in the rookie quarterback. So this week I hate to do it but I'm gonna beat the Redskins get acting that they can beat the Eagles Eagles are that'd be denied this right. And I think the Redskins to win 1217. You tell us about your next and that is that come Saturday pictures doing it turned out we've ever ever I know the 7000 out. And the Washington. It like to participate not happy healthy takes a lot of work to box them these dinners and yes it ought to really help those less or that. So come on Saturday morning to a guy like these are like in Vienna Virginia I'm about 8 in the morning and I would look at I'll just filling boxes and people. Really did you Turkey dinner and would really greatly appreciate generosity of people here that. God bless him