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The Redskins DRG three's performance on the decline and -- Redskins under more pressure facing a rookie quarterback this week. I'm Jennifer Williams alongside TARP -- here in Rick Stanley at the sister in our time in the hottest topics of the week. Guys and get right into it just how pet either Redskins.

I mean the numbers don't lie as they say you know right now there is no secondary in the NFL is struggling as much as the Redskins you know some of it. Meriweather could certainly provide a boost no we haven't seen them play you know he also is only familiar with the scheme from what he's you'll do in practice. But he told us the other day that. He deals with his talent will be able to help me go to the back in but he also feels like his enthusiasm will also help the back and he said. To him just watching from afar the DBs is the movie that I -- not having fun -- said he hopes he can at least. At least brings the smiles are -- and maybe that'll help elevate their level play I'm a little suspect but we'll see you can't blame them fat Morales. Well Saturday Night Live routine for Jimenez and -- I'm not sure how.

Moses that's gonna help but I wanted to try to every -- credit naming a defense of MVP for the season and season to date for one of my articles. And I couldn't think of enemies and I cannot litter you can literally could not come up and -- yeah who who wars to name me anybody who Warrenton MVP award so but if a little bit to it let's talk a -- I think somebody just needs to step up. And make a play get a big hit I got you know I was thinking about. How many times this year is -- as a defense some Mack hit a receiver in jarred the ball loose while concept you know we see it. You know we see it and watch other news it all the time Bears do it -- seen it happen to the Redskins. Don't see it happen come together I think that's the kind of plays they need to start making. Meriweather now he's drawn some -- and fifteen yard penalty should be its like yeah maybe get a few good pops like that. You kind of inspire everybody and get things going to -- for right now. There you know not not too much gone back there.

can polluters which -- which is saying and I mean if you just look at it the different components of the defense I mean who really is playing well right now the stuff to the front seven. Aren't doing a whole lot of media -- while they were doing well against against the run and the past two games have been significantly over a hundred yards. Are -- not getting pressure on the quarterback. Which of course has a trickle down effect on the quarterback being able to pick apart the struggling secondary. Like rich said they just need. Maybe one maybe two guys to start playing to really lift their level of play and start playing him maybe the rest of the team to follow.

Well we just talked about possibly the weakest link on the Redskins squad a bright spot is RG three but. We haven't seen the -- RG they're really elite do you think it's just that. You know he's hitting maverick he wall or is it his supporting cast letting him down -- when we start with you.

Well you know I've heard defense or try entered certain figure amount and that to an extent I think that's happening I think that the Panthers particular did a good job. When they're defensive ends of keeping kind of pinched inside the pocket not let him get outside. Create things like that thing is not every team has defense amendment like the -- the Panthers dale. I think out I don't know if the Eagles will be able to it to do it quite so well he has that speed. But you know I I think you look at against the Steelers is numbers are -- the 1010 to thirteen draft depending on how you count them. No -- as you know you had a pretty nice just a bit they cut half of those. I mean wouldn't would have been pretty solid. And you can't there's I think his accuracy was a little bit off is is well has been doing good job scheming us and sucks. I don't think he's been figured out I don't think he's hitting a rookie wall I think he's had a couple of couple of sub par games party's fall -- not his fault.

You know I I would say he set the bar really high for himself those first few games. That said. Yeah exactly you know that said -- like rich just said I mean the dropped pass in Pittsburgh stand out to me I don't feel like he had many plays against the Panthers where he was able to set -- speed and we'll see what he was on the run a lot of that game I mean and then once he's once he started getting the sacks but you -- I was looking over shoulder wondering where the where the next it was coming from. -- got to remember he still it's going to year old rookie and he's still learning on the fly. And you know once that confidence gets rattled sometimes it's hard to gather it back when you're when you're that young that inexperienced. He certainly needs some help from his -- mean the one -- in better protection. On the Sunday against the Eagles and you know he decent guys around him to -- join him in in the play making departments I -- sophomores have a good game. He needs guys like winner anchors and catch the ball maybe Santana Moss took to to make another couple plays. And yeah they get here are sold backing it looks to me like he's practicing like a guy who wants to play. You know maybe he can get into a -- make a player to.

And we are just talking RG three they're gonna face a rookie quarterback in nick -- most likely affect is out with a concussion it's looking that way. Are there is under maybe more pressure because Vick isn't playing in pressure to get a went --

I would say yes I mean you know everyone talked about last. A game against the Panthers being a must win this really is a must win the loser of -- games out is done. Another Redskins have lost eight straight I mean this would be ninth street if they were to lose. Yeah I can ever -- court absolutely so yep I would certainly say the pressure's more on more on the skins I mean. You know I -- both quarterbacks are rookies but this -- making his first start. You have to imagine that he's gonna have the butterflies in May be. You know -- we'll make some. Out of character mistakes -- for a young player. It's three losses in a row. 0180 for the last day against rookie quarterbacks over the last four coming off the -- You know it doesn't it's not stack in it too well for the Redskins did that but yeah I think this is you know we want our leader reasons or were you. And we had a you know I I think John knew that making the playoffs is a long shot I mean I mean who -- so as far as they must -- and as a result -- that can make it can be done black. No that's not what's important this -- and that's not what's important this week was important just because they got to make a statement things are different. Deals -- coming here they are reeling they've lost four era. They're coach is you know is is got one foot out the door and are being pushed out there -- and wanna go. But I'm down a rookie quarterbacks. Four of their five -- offensive linemen on the shelf I mean. You know if he's your outlooks on Desean married so that's some pretty good weapons back there are so I think that's a -- was talking about earlier today is they can't allow complacency to wanted to see the end you know -- had a rookie quarterback. Their struggle as -- exhaust were home. Because McCoy is gonna carb muffin if if that's what they think. That's true all -- but. Regardless the -- if they're gonna show Mike Shanahan and show that things really are different here and at that he's you know he said they made significant strides a couple of weeks ago. Significant so they really are this is the kind of game they have to win whether it means a playoff spot or not. Just to show that yes indeed things are different around here last year they played only twice. When Philly was on the verge of collapsing both times the Eagles got better against the Redskins he can't let that happen again -- again if things really are different here.

Couple guys thank you so much thank you for watching keep it locked and CSN Washington dot com for all your Redskins coverage.

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