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Holy Football: Rabbi Deitsch picks the Redskins vs. Eagles



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Fri, 16 Nov 2012|


Seats in dot com. Morning my name is rob -- magical about the Bob is a religion and making my weekly prediction of the Redskins this week vs the Philadelphia Eagles happening at FedEx Field since June 30 two teams I think they're going in different directions. Think the Redskins are going up. Slowly. But the Philadelphia Eagles have a phenomenally talented team everybody knows that even without Michael Vick out for this week. Still have -- phenomenal team. That could explode at any moment. And I think unfortunately the Redskins are one of those types of teams which always brings it out and in in them. Not in them -- will play their best and that in top form I've seen them do that unfortunately. On to something from -- and -- I would not count them out and think that there are. Down already beat to be cute kicked is I think he grieving state who don't underestimate him like that so my prediction for this which unfortunately is that the the Eagles come to play. -- -- the score will be 31. 23 Eagles. Portraits. But that's what though popular and -- we wish. The Redskins good look. In will be great to see them win but I don't think this all. As a gimme game for them so stuff I hope drug official up there could approach the game. But unfortunately I think the Eagles are going to come to play as you note it's the first day of the month might not know that's the first of the month. He's led to Hebrew month. Speed which. We celebrate Clarke so it just handles it meant no results to join us to prepare for celebrating that holiday of lights Kirk. -- -- -- -- CSN Washington dot com.

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