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Sat, 17 Nov 2012|



She is in Washington dot com. Before the election I was asking guys in locker room if you had to pick -- to be president. There are certain players named and one of your teammates. Who shall remain they must Brandon Meriweather said. He likes argue that he's a great debater. Then I see you in the Carolina game debating whether -- we're awfully long time just almost didn't get off the field in time.

I just when it does have a conversation about the rules of the game and you know lately he saw and how you you know the rule book was played out right there and I gave him you know basically you know -- I saw -- rule -- You know play it out when you're not having a great game.

How much of it is mental. From the quarterback position.

You know one thing about it cornerback or any defense that make you got to have short memories that. Who have the you know first thinking if you look at it version now you have a corner somebody who they would begin in that this -- You know and that totally forget what happened you -- in year member of break in that -- changed the way you play lastly you have.

Five your last seven games are against the division and so there's over time we -- to make up some ground. This is it or what your gut tell you about that locker room.

What you guys I mean we're we're one thing about our locker room is. But doing and it's time you know it is until they. They come in and say it is absolutely no chance that we can you know. Go to play no chance to win the division we're gonna run and try to do that -- try to win. Every game and then it is and his season you know you would go from there.

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