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Santana Moss on his second effort TD: "I was hungry"



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Sun, 18 Nov 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. How did coach Ryan's words early in a week four -- Did you take as a challenges as the ball club or individually -- -- as a channel I mean honestly as a team you know when you. See what type of team you have. And knowing just knowing all the players that we -- and things that we can do you know he's on the coast and really if you don't until you did we we have opportunity to do something with it. Put on you know and luckily we do have those kind of coaches around. And you know especially from my head coach does best and has no you know where we -- in and you know how he felt about us in the win we wouldn't plan on being embarrassed football. I don't think today we played our best football office for me. But all you know -- though it is on the games like that but you know I'm Protestant community we gotta win on that we didn't play our best. And we need to just kind of game from my defense and we can just continue to play together regardless of who's up who's down in I think that we can come out when -- innocent. You know I'm proud to be on other side of it. -- foot ten. Santana worthy of your best Kaymer -- -- offense. Robert was fourteen for fifteen Danny Green for some like 85 yards out for the kid that can come back after the bye after playing two down games for the offense put up those numbers. -- feel for him and how special is this kid. They're great fun man -- just keep doing what he's doing. I'm talking Marat. Or rather had not -- -- zero over the glove NB specimen -- -- -- to give you this he's especially. And we know he brings that kind of you know special -- on the list of word. But he brings itself you know he he really you know -- -- you know and when he's going well and doing his thing he's in a groove. You know he's all fired then you know he's just rubs off on everybody else so. You know I'm glad to have a -- dead -- Out here second effort. -- to get in the end zone because that was spectacular that was just just being hungry and on them in this opportunity might not come again so. You know. I've been a victim before of care symbolic down there and not getting in his -- some years back. And I just saw an outing I was hungry just knowing that you know those kind of plays -- -- -- -- you know you have to set time to take advantage of every chance you get to score. You know just don't don't come easy and so when I had opportunity I just nation I did this would. One thing there were two or three times you stopped at the one that is. Few years ago just to reflect on the other thing is Eagles have lost six in -- -- it's been a long time since the in this division anybody's had real problems. Does that help a team if the competition is having problems. Honestly you know 111 thing I usually don't come into games is is not really about what -- team's going to or have. He knows his whereabouts is so often in India what you've got going on and and that's the way you give to come won't come out on top. -- just trying to make sure that you the best day so -- hope we don't keep them I said and you know group. With god whom we face you know were about what the risk you got to do. And now hopefully we keep him out on top CSN Washington dot com.

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