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Kerrigan, Redskins happy with win but ready for Dallas



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Sun, 18 Nov 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. I thank very much rob -- a guy who was I would say relatively busy today -- Second year defensive -- And Ryan Kerrigan yeah.

But impressed that one out home games in October 14 I believe I'm. The amount of the locker room knowing you got is that what you want to do -- feels great to me. Through two home winds down and -- a couple of weeks so it feels great -- but we like very consistently got to put it behind us and get ready for the Cowboys now you're going charging. The Eagles who really haven't been struggling offensively and -- life did you all feel you can have a big thing as a defense -- Well we knew that being -- have been like you said they've they've had some struggles off of their offensive line and they've had a lot of injuries which -- unfortunate but -- That was another huge emphasis for us enough we're able to get the quarterback which I think that allowed us to play so well defensively. Not seen some bad last week. Obviously we have -- Way ahead of -- the last stroke today like I really think this was a day game that you can sustain itself. Yeah I mean. And actually they've had a pretty good job -- a good job leaving the tight end in thin and chip and every now and then with the running backs in the -- so. Then -- hit a good game plan. You know still are able to get some sacks and you always want more than what you got but a weird weird. Pretty happy the pressure put on him to that point you rush off the edge they have a running back chip which Reese becomes the outside of that tackle and helped doubled him a little bit when you see that coming as a rusher what do you do. Not to I try to either attack him to force it you know so then maybe next time if that's going to citizenship -- you know I just try to take it and then not know. Either feed off and just kind of allow myself have some -- some freedom with our rush off offensive tackle. Well there's sort of emotional LeSean McCoy going through -- that you all had to stop him you all had a good great job of stopping them aren't quite what you think you. It's huge because he's one of the best running backs in the NFL we've led the league in rushing last year and number touchdowns last year and that was big for us meant to force them to throw the ball end up with them and one dimensional game. How much. -- the pride factor for you guys are you going to buy -- everything. But his defense -- have some issues here and you hold them without a touchdown first -- it happens last year against the Cowboys I believe. The pride -- there for you guys. Now is that there's a big point of pride mean. We haven't played as well I mean that's that's no no secret we haven't played well defensively as we wanted to all your -- Hopefully this will be the start of good things to common you know we got to enjoy it now but wipe it out tomorrow and get ready for Dallas from.

CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. RG3: "It's just about having fun"

    Sun, 18 Nov 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. Where I rob credit to by a guy who set one eagle flying for nothing. Tim obviously talked about that scramble any kind of a laid one of the guys and have a little fun out there today and. Yeah you got to there on the field is just about having fun and you know making plays and that one I did so those kind of funny to see him just diamond in this neighborhood. I did dug out of bounds yes you do if you. That you're two touchdowns deep touchdown passes one to One to Santana Aldridge did you think at all maybe you would let him too far and Santana when you threw it. You know why can't you know the older he was so wide open you just wanted to give them a good ball. To where he can go running get a use of fast guys you got to give him a chance to make a play. He made the play and then when it comes Santana. You know coach says you know I'd probably and recover you know made the play and not. It's it's quite like that where you don't make the right read you don't make the perfect throw and the receivers can make a play that good you feel good about those big Santana. very photo like Randy Moss from that we're not there and a little bit yeah I got a bunch of a couple of up. We had you a question from Robert around this climates American gradually is on a very good day by you but. I noticed you all have a lot more fun out there that they usage came back image guys. You know how much you don't feel much better Robert. Why was it that way today. Com you know we have about we do get to reassess things and and Nam to not spend a little time just to get away from the familiar. Aside then come back a lot more energy and the one thing until muscle today as I had to trust the guys that are out there with me trust their receivers stress off a lot of they're gonna do their job. And I think a lot of guys you know took that's a hard you know not only because I said to myself but I echoed through them. Possibly Dave played great game and that's why you can go on have a little bit more fun and smile when when things are going good. Turnaround to quick turnaround Robert for you against Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day so we appreciate you joining us here where as opposed in my. And we'll tomorrow. I CSN Washington dot com.

  2. London Fletcher: "We wanted to challenge" Eagles playmakers

    Sun, 18 Nov 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. He linebacker. Extraordinaire. 233. Straight games article starts on this. They didn't write this I. But I thought yeah. know I don't know. And I'll tackle the you come off the final week and you guys did what you set out there. Which was to get that victory and and that defense your defense stepped up today. Yet you don't today went to the we do to be tough tough Jessica's via Philadelphia Eagles and I'll have playmakers. Think about the son Jackson on the court you know Maclin. Do you guys what they do what we really want to challenge him and make them make plays to beat. Guys. We going after the quarterback and don't tell us what that what the game plan was what did you do why did you do it as you prepared for Naples. What we have Brady completed later on issues that we won't give I'll see We just it was a aggressive and I can't plan and even even tough we didn't deal rush get there you saw Ryan Kerrigan's that guess is that they. I think it was give the sanctity. Just before the game so you know we play tight coverage. We pressures will carry. I was able to get some gets pressure on the quarterback updated as well. Michelle McCarthy Garros and they played very easy getting the game breaking wide open you all seem to slow him down a little bit with a couple. He was the he is really the main focus coming to this game because of his ability to make plays. You know he's easy. They Sanders type type of guy you don't call all over the place makes you miss an open field. Really around him not let him get started at the end take you take away their big plays whether it was a Jackson or or bad weather than in the passing game. You know so that was really focused point focal point. Did one lead we get started obviously. In his Roberts us alone time. Elusive fifty this week because I didn't. I mean we spoke this early. But it's just don't look. As if that's the Philadelphia Eagles team that you are familiar with the I really can't ask over the pregame. And that I just like these guys you can't hear you implement the system and they don't buy team. It's looked like you laid down. You can't take credit away from you guys play in the big game but that really does seem like he conceivable. That you know scrappy You don't play. I think when we got up on them. Early you know it changed your game plan for sure of what they want to do you would have been eagle what 73. At halftime. So that definitely take your Vitale a what you wanna do. To play I would never say. A professional football team quit just you know something I would do well I don't have the you know I. I do that now obviously we get up. 316246. Lead you know the likelihood that you come back here they probably you know felt like could be tough to climb. Went out with this would hear their office around I'll think people like that I can protect. We'll have to take the deep shots you know like they did at kind of pass against so you know check it changed up their game plan I'm sure. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Santana Moss on his second effort TD: "I was hungry"

    Sun, 18 Nov 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. How did coach Ryan's words early in a week four Did you take as a challenges as the ball club or individually as a channel I mean honestly as a team you know when you. See what type of team you have. And knowing just knowing all the players that we and things that we can do you know he's on the coast and really if you don't until you did we we have opportunity to do something with it. Put on you know and luckily we do have those kind of coaches around. And you know especially from my head coach does best and has no you know where we in and you know how he felt about us in the win we wouldn't plan on being embarrassed football. I don't think today we played our best football office for me. But all you know though it is on the games like that but you know I'm Protestant community we gotta win on that we didn't play our best. And we need to just kind of game from my defense and we can just continue to play together regardless of who's up who's down in I think that we can come out when innocent. You know I'm proud to be on other side of it. foot ten. Santana worthy of your best Kaymer offense. Robert was fourteen for fifteen Danny Green for some like 85 yards out for the kid that can come back after the bye after playing two down games for the offense put up those numbers. feel for him and how special is this kid. They're great fun man just keep doing what he's doing. I'm talking Marat. Or rather had not zero over the glove NB specimen to give you this he's especially. And we know he brings that kind of you know special on the list of word. But he brings itself you know he he really you know you know and when he's going well and doing his thing he's in a groove. You know he's all fired then you know he's just rubs off on everybody else so. You know I'm glad to have a dead Out here second effort. to get in the end zone because that was spectacular that was just just being hungry and on them in this opportunity might not come again so. You know. I've been a victim before of care symbolic down there and not getting in his some years back. And I just saw an outing I was hungry just knowing that you know those kind of plays you know you have to set time to take advantage of every chance you get to score. You know just don't don't come easy and so when I had opportunity I just nation I did this would. One thing there were two or three times you stopped at the one that is. Few years ago just to reflect on the other thing is Eagles have lost six in it's been a long time since the in this division anybody's had real problems. Does that help a team if the competition is having problems. Honestly you know 111 thing I usually don't come into games is is not really about what team's going to or have. He knows his whereabouts is so often in India what you've got going on and and that's the way you give to come won't come out on top. just trying to make sure that you the best day so hope we don't keep them I said and you know group. With god whom we face you know were about what the risk you got to do. And now hopefully we keep him out on top CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Mike Shanahan on the Redskins' 31-6 win over the Eagles

    Sun, 18 Nov 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. Charlie people aren't fans of a short work week so to speak but after a game like this he's looking forward to getting back on the field. Having a short work week and play again it's. Well he's on special and it or not really doesn't matter you know in the mindset as that tell you you enjoy this for a short time because after the game you're gonna have a lot to eleven games. Before Clinton Monday night game against the Giants so. Our football players know that everything's going to be pretty hectic or got a lot to get done and a short amount of time. But after that game is over once again done an extra forties recovery time which is always great so. How is scheduled you know going into the year we had to set the schedule and pre season we actually worked on that how we know what's out there and we gotta get done so. Put your players looking forward a plan you know very quickly and they understand you know until it'll be the one important week it'll be his well. Alfred Morris had a 77 more yards stays on pace for 14100. Is that what we're looking matters that too early to start thinking terms for him. I don't know about two yards you know he's obviously isn't actually great back he's gonna get his yards and hopefully I can stay healthy but you. Traditional big time backs that you've had always a big time back I guarantee that and no reflection if you can stay healthy and just keep on doing the things he's done deal Pia. They come back on New Year's season he's a special guy. It my caddie do you feel like some of the games you ran up front some of the design Russia's affected in their offensive line. you know she came a little bit off balance but their main thing is six points and you gotta work the National Football League to keep him people on the end zone we're able to do that really credit to our players and coaches. My you talk about. You know no game being perfectly and it is with the penalties how frustrating is stamina something that you were gone so much since the last game caught a break. Yeah you don't work a little bit out of that pistol in the shotguns and social pressure on office and we're we're gonna keep on working on it better at it. Obviously was in perfect today when they the couple situations in there that. That's miscommunication. Connected to or somebody went down more we got in after fifteen seconds but you know. They've got some young players there. Won't continue to get better and some work on my until we got to get on the long on Alter how you get that wide open. Well what happened there is Sandra did a great job sentence and an sitting Nadal then. When things I think banks was ago they came in motion when he played the rounds at free safety came off. the wide receiver. Take off and Iran to play that figure is going to be handoff from national Erica. I was like CSN Washington dot com.