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Sun, 18 Nov 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. See how this is still not just to get away for a convincing win like this at home -- several. But -- the -- on your defense special things well for us there in the film room good you know defense that is. We just my stance as to how important are those early turnovers during that the pick six and turning quickly the points are. It was real big -- and a defense like a finesse finish all they do they definitely did a great job all day you. And -- fans is that the Dolphins and everybody -- command centers. Yes they were talking a little earlier about that Santana Moss catch for the touchdown one on to you and he just wanted it more. What was it like for you watch night. I mean it was normally found some good stuff all the time gotten our government has mine's filthy animals from -- back. You can really do. And big plays today guys one knock on the team throughout the year is you're not making defense is honestly don't go down field a lot today Freeport. Deep -- a couple long touchdowns to figure out when does you know dozens of credibility. On proud owner of the as the bullets in the game you know you get a chance. We just didn't understand. And today I got a short week Thanksgiving Day game in Dallas how tough is that mentally and physically. I mean I just felt good system SS with a successful so. He knows he's got to get our bodies right now that's tough as positive values you know what I quick turn. -- transferable in those things are doing things given the Richmond gossage was. Vehicle capable of things you have a big win today to Giants came back to the fact Dallas last check we're losing today is there a sense -- despite what happened before the buy everything that you guys hope to achieve is still out there almost definitely you know we know worried about enough and nobody else we just -- do. We got -- one game at a time and you know we focus one game at a time. I -- and very thing we're still be in. It's. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. my first reaction was like every Maryland. Fan or boosters like. You kidding me what what's going on here and I've had a few days to digest it but it's new to me to. I don't know all the details but some. From talking to Kevin. It's a great move. For the reasons they said. For our budget. Athletically and then for our institutions on its a great move for our institution. The best competition and at the end of the day you know maybe Maryland's about wanting to win championships and how many you know that marks six casino AA it's not about conferences is about being. The best team in the NCAA tournament. We're gonna play against the best teams I think our kids know when you come to a place like Maryland you're gonna play in Byrd stadium. I think right now we're the only ACC school that plays in the same venue is as football. We're gonna keep doing that people are excited about playing Maryland. They know they're gonna play in a great venue their playing a team that prides itself on lacrosse has great support has great tradition. I don't see that changing a lot. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. For those you're asking is saying why are we doing in the Big Ten. It guarantees. Our athletic department and our university. Financial stability. We have done so much. With so little. For so long. Now imagine what our teams are going to be able to accomplish with the financial stability that will be able to present them. I've made this decision. Especially as I could it. In consultation we key stakeholders. And doing do diligence. With only one objective in mind. To do what is best. For the University of Maryland. My obligation that's precedent. It's not to any conference. It is to the best interest of the of Maryland over the long haul. I know that there's some ambivalence and I know that there may be some anger. But I hope that over time that we can embrace you that you can learn to be our partner and that together we would complete would come much better we are without HI. Today marks a new day in the chapter. Of the University of Maryland in this history. We are very excited. And we're very confident. As we create our future thank you CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Randy Edsall on the Terps move to the Big Ten

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    She in Washington dot com well. It was a Who lives in. To have an opportunity to come in the parking on the Big Ten Conference in terms of what that conference and represents from an academic standpoint. From a football standpoint. And really what it can do from this institution. Academically and athletically to me was just something it was a very very exciting the opportunity to perform worse present our student athletes. Having said that your football coach and now you've got to go up against the old. You of the old dogs the football world in the Ohio states to Wisconsin's. What do you think when you think about playing those schools. Well you just want you gotta keep you know you gotta keep recruitment you gotta get your guys you know bigger stronger and faster than. It just didn't really energizes you and then it also understands that it'll open up some recruiting areas force that no won't get into right. The opportunity. For our kids to be able to all play in the Rose Bowl. Tend not to compete and some of those stadiums that. what made college football how our kids experience that is just going to be a wonderful opportunity. How does this change not only way you're where you recruit well the one thing is we still got to win at home you know we got to make sure we continue to win at home here in this area. But then again. Maybe go to a little bit more and in New Jersey and even more and Pennsylvania and continue more out west Detroit Chicago. Indianapolis more Ohio. Saint Louis Indianapolis. Kansas City. Those areas and then also. Nobody in this exposure yet. Couldn't help to lead more and more doors nationally for just wanna be able to come to this area and to get a degree and then also reap the benefits of what my has stopped for. You don't want your playing days are over. Kids love to compete I don't know that they really care. Who where when they just wanna go play what was your reaction team you told them. They were excited and I can see smiles on your face and they know we still have another year to go one more game this year against North Carolina and then. Next year in the ACC but then you move forward to to the Big Ten They understand that now we we are working a little bit harder and what they're excited about the opportunity. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Ben Olsen reflects on his first cup run as a head coach

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    CSN Washington dot com. Then it was circumstances when you first took this job back in 2010 and not great circumstances. To be standing here supposed to help. We're kind of emotions going through your mind. Lot of disappointment. We're we're as a group. You know from young coach at any young crew we were emotion its its very disappointed. You know I'm sure wake up tomorrow. And look on the brighter side a little bit more it's a great great group problem I'm proud of the way. They went about the season. I'm proud of the what we've built here. Young foundation players and hopefully we can have for the next couple years and can be a team that consistently. Makes playoffs. You know proud of the way they've they've gotten into the the culture of DC these fans have supported him. The fans were unbelievable human performance they put on. Was in a lot of ways equal dollars I thought in the ways that their passion is for us I thought the guys. Left everything out there and and you again I'm just very proud of the tradition and culture that's important. To I think about who stands during the heart of the line there is back in the summer 2008 for you personally but. It's important feuded through it. Make that connection with the players and the fans hole most parts of this job this year those. Hearing that the fail to learn it and excited about. excited about this young group and that means everything to me. Because they supported me for so long in tough times to know I was hurt for long times in they always. Supported me when. It was either in the good times and certainly when I was injured. So they mean a lot to me that's a big part. The weight on my shoulders to give back to this community give back to these fans and hopefully. Give them some success. This group. We talked in January you serve good depth of this team and the coaches always say teams but this time you really believe that. that you keep using the word special what would mix of special I don't know you know yet to put my finger on. But the day. There is a good spirit about this group you know when when things go wrong for them they seem to respond. When when. That they don't dwell on negative experiences spoken two. Two to fix things and and that's that's that's a good thing that's that's thing that can carry. There along a lot of success. Throughout a long season. Especially when we've had some. Some things not go our way. We could've folded several times. The full several times in the playoff run here with all the stuff that was going on and they just keep going. So I think that's what what I mean when I mean this is a special group. Hurricane snowstorms record nothing nothing governance Barack. The loss of you have to winters are back for him on Sunday His absence do you think that actually in some ways will help this team going forward in the future I think looking. Look looking into. The future it will help. This crew because there's a lot of guys that really had to step up and give a little bit more and squeeze squeeze more out of themselves and and as they did that all together. It became a tight tight group. where we were today. And hopefully that will continue now that experiences of big time soccer play in a playoff games and be in situations in the lessons we've learned on the stretch. I think we'll we'll help us in the future. CSN Washington dot com.