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Sun, 18 Nov 2012|



CSN Washington dot com.

sports net central club today.

Total lack of tickets -- for CSN Washington dot com Redskins down the Eagles -- FedEx Field on Sunday thanks to a career high four touchdown passes from Robert Griffin the third. Here's what you quarterback after the game.

I was wide open -- is. As just a matter of force the ball actually gonna come down because it -- are pretty. But you know those the scheme worked and -- whenever the coaches draw a great player for us and it works out exactly how I think it is. We have to capitalize in the past couple weeks before the bar we hadn't and not today we did and then with tennis. From their time and I'll be the biggest guy and a lot of people forget that both. You know even people and being in that moment right there and I know everyone says you know you go Moss somebody because of Randy Moss for Santana Moss that it to.

Ruled. October. -- really Comcast sports net studios on Michael Jenkins for CSN Washington dot. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. From that. This is a guy who knows what's that central update. Hey everybody Julie Donaldson for CSN Washington dot com university of Maryland's from the ACC to the Big Ten. Is garnering a mix of emotions from past and present players the university recently cut seven programs to to financial athletic bankruptcy. eventually some of those programs could be brought back. As Big Ten members reportedly received 24 million a year from current television rights. coaches and former players generally about positive about the To have the opportunity to come in and be a part time member of the Big Ten Conference and terms of what that conference you know represents you know from an academic standpoint. From a football standpoint. And really what it can do for this institution. Academically and athletically to me was just something that was very very excited and the opportunities it's good run our stuff present our student athletes I initially I was a little bit in shock. But I I know that it's that in the best interest of the school after losing the seventh sports last year I think financially it will help. The situation there but like coach said the memories never fade away and you always have that and they the rivalries that exists with Duke and North Carolina. They can schedule those teams and still have those rivalries alive. Overtime win when you're able to head to get all the information. On to understand. You know if they had fully I mean it makes sense send. You know from big pitcher you know it's exciting news we're gonna get to brand You know women's basketball so many more households I think Mike's. You kidding me was whats going on here and I've had a few days to digest it but it's new to me to. I don't know all the details but some. From talking to Kevin. It's a great move. We've got to do it from here in the Comcast sports net studios I'm Julie Donaldson preseason Washington. Dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Wizards-Pacers full-game highlights

    Mon, 19 Nov 2012

    Csnwashington.com. here we go again another loss for the Wizards at this point well it is impossible not to the frustration on the players' faces from first set. As a pressure to get that first when it's taking hole that's not a tonight and find out what went wrong that this time. How Indiana. Coming in having won seven straight over the Wizards Pacers coach principal arguments point guard AJ price was off the graphics are. Former Georgetown big man Roy never able to follow it the best up and down low with it. Pacers fifteen point lead after the first. Second quarter great hustle play by Chris Singleton cuts off the passing for the steal able to it was Bob would've finished plus the foul. Wizards trailing by nine at the half so. The second half winds start to heat up Shaun Livingston Mike Bradley deal and the corner the rookies three cups a league before. Back up off days sixty no runs of the Wizards and Pacers now have five by the board and misses but his persistence pays off. Cleans up Trevor missed the dock next trip down for the feels. Guys baseline and get sent to Singleton who picks the three but he is able to at the mid range jumper. He had missed the free throw for the deficit remained at one. Less than a minute remaining Wizards down three David West known for the great mid range jumper from the line. of his team high thirty points on the fadeaway jumper at the Pacers. Come out with a win tonight 89 and the Wizards are now off their worst start in franchise history. Because I'm his you know. I don't know whose star who plays not to play him as you know. It's it's a confusion. Different guys every game. Whether starters bench for starters. We have no consistency. In our group of play. Don't mean to get off to a start like we did nine. There's no excuse for. Yellow loss makes the Wizards 09 for the first time in franchise history they're just the second team in NBA history to start 088 or worse in consecutive seasons. The other. In the Grizzlies and their first two seasons. In Memphis. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Wittman: "No excuse" for Pacers loss

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    CSN Washington dot com. I mean we got to figure out how to play game. A whole game. You know me it's the same. You know you Arizona just put this in reverse. I. And they replay. What I say. And justice. Because I'm his you know. I don't know who started plays not to play you know. It's it's a confusion. Different guys every game. Whether starters bench bench for starters. We have no consistency. In our group of play. Don't mean to get off to a start like we did deny there's no excuse for. Who was point six. Seven. It was no. I mean almost. We were so you know turn down shots to take more shots. You know piano or somebody haters gonna ask you'll why do they do I don't know. You know I don't know. And you know it's the same thing that we give up no. I we had a second group game had just played their tails off. tells them. Lot of credit. Good things. I. That's why you lose. Yeah. It was. Confusion when they're on when I'm a shooter I got an open shot you shoot the ball. From a non shooter. I passable. I don't know on trying to fears. I don't know who's gonna start who's gonna play. I'm I don't know manages this is so inconsistent. And in the place. Top to bottom. I our children love to have an eight or nine man rotation that's my dream. And I'm playing twelve and thirteen every nine minutes he can't do that an NBA game and have can you know you know you you wanna develop. A group and that group that comes and I Cain and him having a hard time doing was a play where Ingram. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Redskins will use short memory to prep for short week

    Mon, 19 Nov 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. I played great I mean you can ask again play any better than he played 37 plays and the tackles and a pass break ups interceptions. He has a football player obviously shocked disappointed. And loves football an energy out there and only reason we brought men. But it's unfortunate. For the football left this season roughly 96 hours after snapping a three game skid the to be kicking off. Dallas Thanksgiving Day. Holyfield didn't win over the Eagles already in the past. I don't ever get a chance to celebrate you don't have to wash it out the next day. And hum due to that we played on Thanksgiving and kind of accountable for it to us so. Alignment thing about a moving on and and you know ready to the body rested up in. You know healed up so we can go out there and you know played well on Thursday. Most people start feeling good until like Friday Saturday really feel a little bit elderly so you got to do a good job. As far as the coaches you know allowed us to do some walk through is not being as physical throughout the week and you gotta get two massages and just do different things to make itself I'll be ready for this game to get up for it. I mean ops is a national televised game so that in itself is not like what you get to began did you and I thought it. You got to get all about the Boston Bruins to try to get as much as possible in the normal game plan done. You can't overdo it through on his players and be able to fly. Concerns and situation we are with the preparations and even though. CSN Washington dot com.