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The future for DC United is bright



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Sun, 18 Nov 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. This place was rocking for Major League soccer's Eastern Conference final DC united make a mistake had the support -- a soccer configured rfk stadium it was a sellout crowd of just over 40000 DC united also have a commitment it showed in so many ways including the 83 minute goal from Bronco buster -- But in the end it's Houston or that ended -- -- -- 11 -- today and afford to win in this series on accurate so the Dynamo advanced to similar struck. For united to be sure the disappointment is real but so is the belief in the team that calls this field home. This is an unbelievable group -- got some good moments. Suits of it's it's everything. You know we always stuck together who always been like Brothers and here. I don't think you guys realize how alone and how much of a bond we have in this locker room. We're not a team -- -- you know and and that's and that's what we've overcome we've we've passed the -- -- -- -- there -- guys in here is like a brother to me and down. You know it's it's it's so it's it's a family and we really creative type Barnett tight at tight -- and down. You know that's special you know sometimes it you can. Take that further then than anything I was very young team and we we have a really good. Core group mixed in with a couple veterans and that's why I say we've got a good platform for next year because Regis and hopefully we don't let this tripping guys and like I say coming in -- next year and pushing him farther into the cup for the fans appreciate this group. And they've done a lot for this organization this year I think putting us back on the map a little bit and hopefully we can continue. It just growing getting better. So united goes into the offseason having lost to a Houston team it's been in the Eastern Conference finals five of the last seven years. But you -- it also goes in the offseason with confidence having made the playoffs for the first time. In five years from RFK stadium Dave Johnson CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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