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Mon, 19 Nov 2012|



CSN Baltimore dot com. And we continue our coverage now former Maryland head coach Cary Williams who has been -- this. Throughout today as this story has continued to evolve and develop. You were so closely associated with the school and every way but you do see the long term benefits of this move. Like I do I think Michael -- a long line that we feel. Mixed feelings today because the ACC was. Maroney and sports. Mowers those on the games we have Duke and Carolina all never forget and I'm sure a lot of our fans won't forget but at the same time. It's very important you keep looking forward and in for the future for the athletic department we have to make this move and I think it's a great move. Not just for basketball or football for parole everyone concerned and for the university as an academic institution. And you also have the advantage of having coached in the big tendency have that perspective as well when you were at Ohio State. What may -- does it bring to the table that is different may be better than the ACC. What's different is a lot colder up there for her that that's ridiculous. But at the same time. They have great state university says if you look at him at Michigan State and Indiana Ohio State. Minnesota Wisconsin they're very similar schools to the University of Maryland I think -- is a good fit there. What you. Fuel find out when you go there is a tremendous fan base if there's schools have it state first estate when when Ohio State plays Indiana or whatever and it's a great thing and I think the Maryland people will quickly. Get into those rivalries because there's nothing like -- football or basketball game one against the Big Ten. What about those fans who say. We're ruining this great tradition you know about it as well as anyone else these great rivalries he's great games what about those. Well there there was great tradition and when we played Duke -- Carolina basketball that became big games but at the same time Duke and Carolina looked at each other that that was their. Tradition you know we -- we were Merrill when we played -- that is great. But that's theirs in football I don't think we really had a team that you could call traditional rival in football. And so hopefully we can build great traditions in the future and that's what happens when you do change conferences you have a chance to establish that situation. Former Maryland head basketball coach in terms legendary Williams coach thanks for your time thank you Mike. CSN Baltimore dot com.

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