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Tue, 20 Nov 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. From that.

This is a guy who knows what's that central update. Hey everybody Julie Donaldson for CSN Washington dot com university of Maryland's -- from the ACC to the Big Ten. Is garnering a mix of emotions from past and present players the university recently cut seven programs to to financial athletic bankruptcy. -- eventually some of those programs could be brought back. As Big Ten members reportedly received 24 million a year from current television rights. -- coaches and former players generally about positive about the --

To have the opportunity to come in and be a part time member of the Big Ten Conference and terms of what that conference you know represents you know from an academic standpoint. From a football standpoint. And really what it can do for this institution. Academically and athletically to me was just something that was very very excited and the opportunities it's good -- run our stuff present our student athletes --

I initially I was a little bit in shock. But I I know that it's that in the best interest of the school after losing the seventh sports last year I think financially it will help. The situation there but like coach said the memories never fade away and you always have that and they -- the rivalries that exists with Duke and North Carolina. They can schedule those teams and still have those rivalries alive.

Overtime win when you're able to head to get all the information. On to understand. You know if they had fully I mean it makes sense send. You know from big pitcher you know it's exciting news we're gonna get to brand -- You know women's basketball -- so many more households I think Mike's.

You kidding me was whats going on here and I've had a few days to digest it but it's new to me to. I don't know all the details but some. From talking to Kevin. It's a great move.

We've got to do it from here in the Comcast sports net studios I'm Julie Donaldson preseason Washington. Dot com.

CSN Washington dot com.

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