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Torrey Smith, Kirk Cousins, Ryan Kerrigan on UMD's new conference



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Tue, 20 Nov 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. That certain players but do you not think that where it. In -- whereas turns the cows away goes place of business and you have to do is best and obviously financially we haven't been. You know where we should be -- -- what you have -- winning so people have an income. This really losing money on that end. And -- and then today saw a lot of money and more money -- -- -- university of the -- things we can -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it just shows how the landscape of college athletics is changing and it seems to be a lot of consolidation a lot of these thomas' attorney has maintained -- possible. Manning the last Davis just think continued changes to me very different in many years from how when I was playing but. It's exciting I think getting dead the Washington DC media market had to be paying closer attention the Big -- -- will be a good thing. And I you know I think it's it's good for the Big Ten grand and obviously now thirteen team -- become pretty big conference. Cost him points Craig's Paramount's hasn't traditionally. Strong basketball program and and I think from football. Perspective it will be that we get as well Amanda Marilyn's kind of amateur and events. -- an injury itself I think it's again and beat a good addition remain within met with them in records I think it's good. CSN Washington dot com.

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