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Wed, 21 Nov 2012|



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Fantastic event each year at the stadium harvest -- photo you were here working but to see that many people. With that many smiles on their faces is that that's ability for Thanksgiving is just a great.

Yeah and it uses his hands a good thing it's a good thing you know it happens all around the National Football League. And the Redskins every everybody is somewhat -- it is great for them to you know to give back to India and give back to the community.

But you're all the show each week at this time but I ironically enough the day before -- games let's talk about what's gonna happen in Dallas on Thanksgiving Day. -- have never won there on Thanksgiving we know that what do they have to do to get the W.

They got to get some pressure on Tony Romo I think and I think that's that's if they can do that that's the main thing dallas' offensive line is. You know not maybe not quite as bad as the Eagles would still beaten up depleted. Their best offensive lineman -- Smith isn't a game time decision. Heard he's not gonna play -- heard there's a small chance he'll play right so and so he might you know here -- and may or may not be in there. Now of course the difference between me it doesn't commanders -- has not thankful standing next year as Tony Romo -- Time and time again you know you watch against the Redskins against other teams he's that close to being sacked and then. It away. Spins away. Youngest fifteen yards on third and twelve in and year you know they're moving mistakes again so but they need that and yeah I think offensively I think they -- to put up probably still need to put up. Twentieth 428 points to it took to pull off.

Now you look at the matchup between DeMarcus Ware and Trent Williams -- occasionally probably tolerable this as well but again he is not going after sitting duck back there after he if he does get by those guys. -- is it doesn't have a sitting duck quarterback back there.

Yeah and that it'll it'll be interesting to watch that not only on pass plays but on that option. No option plays and in runs out there to see how they see how they handle where having a little bit off your as far as sacks go. But feel you know he's still one of the one of their best in the business is that for a day that -- 34 outside linebacker spot.

I ask you this question last week I -- exact same question which team has the most pressure. Cowboys have won two straight looking to take that next step toward being a contender Redskins still under 500. Every -- a playoff game for them which team has the most -- on it right.

I think the Cowboys do you know that day they are not supposed to lose on Thanksgiving game romo's five and -- 115 quarterback rating sixteen touchdowns four interceptions I mean that that's his day. And you know they're there in front of the home fans this is there they did not look good last Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. I think they're the ones that have the pressure is on them now the Redskins need to win they want actually they -- They can afford to lose this game and you know that I've seen scenarios where variety can make the playoffs -- may -- but win the division but. -- psychologically. You know would be great for them to get did get that there's but the pressures on the cowboy.

Those comments will figure into my final statement on how this Campbell -- little delay affect -- let our backs a pair of former got a picture you -- not believe. Next Redskins they.

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