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Wed, 21 Nov 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Jason Garrett acknowledge that Mike Shanahan is -- of variation of the zone read offense for years. But it's at its best -- got the right quarterback running it -- deal with Robert Griffin the third serve for the Cowboys. The challenge has been preparing for the zone read. On a short work week. It's challenging of the other top a lot of time on the certainly in a couple days of practice you don't get as many looks at it as you want now we've we've spent some time. Thinking about it and doing some stuff in the off season like we do with all of our opponents but until you see it in action. Until you practice for leading up to a ball game it's different. It was tough. Just plan their zone really -- Cam Newton mass murder commenting is a little bit faster. So. You can't tell Kyle Orton get out there and -- -- only birdied it's. So you did you get a -- which you don't get that the speed and how it happens. It makes got sick and give us you know what they're supposed to do and he's on you can confuse guard Jeremy jump out of -- where he's supposed to do the mute priest and guys can you know just were in the long run support so you just got to place. The Cowboys know they have to be cautious with this rookie who's been at his best under pressure. According to the website pro football focus RG three is completing a 66%. Of his passes with a QB rating of over 126. Against the blitz. He's very consistently. Does he knows he knows the system. He knows sort of quarters of all you know the reason he has been. -- can't blitz him because he blitz and he's a guy like Michael -- you're gonna run for 4050 yards going to the united you know keep him around in the pocket. I know -- run a lot of things he did in college you know with the with the great. You know it's probably pretty comfortable form but you know hopefully have a bad Thanksgiving. -- all the Cowboys trying to ruin the cornerbacks holiday they also realize he's not the only rookie they have to account for. When asked him RG three overshadows Alfred Morris. Garrett said maybe nationally but not in this building. The valley ranch the -- -- Carlin CSN Washington CSN Washington dot com.

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