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CSN Washington dot com. Geico sports net central update. Hello everyone little holder with your Geico sports net central update let's talk a little Wizards now and a working out prior to the game against Atlanta hoping to get Washington their first win of the season. Wizards in an early hole until the NH sexson and he wastes no time making an impact first attempt of the year it's good. Wizards fans have something to cheer about but they trail by three at the break in the third after a fight for loose ball. Kyle Korver Manny is an assassin from behind the arc that -- still Atlanta on the run Korver just what he's gonna do stop. -- and dropped another three. Wow. Then off the Wizards storm back in the fourth Martell Webster three ball corner pocket everybody's shooting threes Washington takes a one point lead. Back and forth we go Hawks with a one point advantage Bradley -- look good for the bucket he misses Kevin Seraphin is there Wizards lead 77 to 76. Five point four seconds left. -- -- It's fouled Devin Harris and Devin Harris knocked down both free throws and we're tied. -- how the Wizards and not play Smart ass ball. In OT ten seconds game tied at 98 Seraphin. Knocks down a jumper put the woods is up to Hawks answer Paris to Korver will. Down town. Atlanta takes a one point lead last just for the -- Seraphin with a hook. Martell Webster tried to put it back however the officials looked at the replay and the basket is waived off. Well Washington Wizards fall 1012100. We'll be thankful for for worry I was Thanksgiving tomorrow and you know -- is just try to stay. Stay to stay in it and you know. Two minutes to pull through her -- That's gonna go from here in the Comcast sports net studios -- holder for more go to CSN Washington. -- -- CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Martell Webster0:50, 1:38
  2. Devin Harris1:10, 1:12
  3. Kyle Korver0:34
  4. Kevin Seraphin1:01
  5. Wizards0:13, 0:21, 0:28
  6. Geico0:06, 0:10
  7. Hawks0:57, 1:28
  8. Comcast2:10
  9. Atlanta0:17, 0:39, 1:33
  10. Washington1:46
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