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Thu, 22 Nov 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. We start with someone else -- big hit it Madieu Williams is not play Dez Bryant got his hands on it late in the game you -- and -- kind of -- yeah.

Knew it was he'd be -- it's a man I had definitive implement the demo made a great play. Do the striker he's fit he's been is that there and you grace say this. Veterans on our team today please give us some -- with the mentally and --

What's not well put. What's happening with this team it seems like all of a sudden there's a believer that you guys are gonna make plays are you happy you now crawl back in the playoff picture.

With what they've signed a five -- them and with Renault and hope right now and now we got our backs against the while. And when when it doesn't and doesn't corner we -- come off fighting -- and has overcome when I was trying to fight by fighting nom. So that's not trying to different -- and division mr. London Fletcher misses a few plays towards the end of the game who becomes the leader in that huddle. I'm -- we -- job done most of the is that there. None of the head of the players -- leadoff man but it is once he of these you know -- we -- that it you know collectively get together. And on what them gabbana Brothers and -- way to -- about the kick -- there a ton of pressure on him. Matt I think on the -- that teammate he came in late season Manning and his -- flatter around there and it gonna be doing it been. That I've seen in that that regret that I am in great.

DeAngelo Hall comes there's kind of a hectic week for him off the field but he comes there was an interception that late play. Scooping up the onside kick there.

Right these these great -- man so. You know what whatever haven't you know this translate either and a man on the fifth -- us and Blair three to how to Famer and I'm -- part of --

Trevor he got a question here Cedric. And you sitter Trevor -- judge it seemed like some of the cowboys' receivers especially Dez Bryant. We're pretty chippy back there was what was the conversation like with the opponents.

I Harvard and on the demand they demand I don't it's not miss that -- some guys and they they play outside of the nobody is okay. We we did on that play our game and I would over the lots on talk trash talkers and I was glad that -- they.

as you asking. Subject chick Hernandez and what you go so you guys did a good chance to have a Thanksgiving meal. But what's the scheduled not a coach can you guys few days off thing out there for him what.

Tom Jim get -- out there are days I'll spin around move on the back home and have Thanksgiving dinner and what would happen. Maybe maybe maybe tomorrow on Friday but I'll admit that -- and I fool again but he's against it designed in a division and now that you've got to get empathetic and mr.

I don't think it would be difficult to get amp up if things work out here might be first place on the line fights had a grip and thank you very much bigger Redskins post him I appreciate it. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. sports net central today. Hey everybody Julie Donaldson for CSN Washington dot com. With a legend day keeps growing Thursday evening and Dallas Redskins cornerback Robert Griffin the third led his team to a highlight filled. 3831. Way and over the rival Cowboys not this morning as he spoke with Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan. About his rookie sensation. Your head coach so you're not too excitable as him for the referees. That that while watching the post game and we talk about Robert what the numbers on him right now possess the bye week alone the bye week eight touchdown passes. Nine in completions and Yeah we keep on working on the completion. And well known fact. It really does surprise me beyoncé because he doesn't practice. And normally doesn't complete a pass you know he's tough on himself and he's guy that. Come to work every day you can stay focused on the job and Lot of guys get caught up with everything else that goes on and he's able country and game plan and keep everything in perspective and one of the reasons or is gonna keep getting better. gonna do it from here the Comcast sports net studios I'm Julie Donaldson for CSN Washington. Dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. DeAngelo Hall keeps his head, seals the game

    Fri, 23 Nov 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. It comes to the Redskins and Cowboys no lead is ever safe. We saw in this one as the skins almost blew a 25. Point halftime lead in fact. They didn't I it until DeAngelo Hall recovered an onside kick with eighteen seconds to play. But instead of adding salt to dallas' to shocked the entire stadium sliding down at the two yard line when he could have easily walked in for a touchdown. It was a perfect way to and what was at times but dominating performance is big it was Soviet. I don't think I am yeah. You know they're betting you know Cathy and Joseph wood to about you know going into the school you know he was in the one Dolphins how surprising was that wide open you know the ball is kind of bounce and it's a big one good we get out before I knew what that went around yeah you know it's a blue baseball at Tony's got them threatened baseball that's what slated for me. That's great on his part of me out of a wouldn't put a good attitude same game but you know that's that's one of those days where. You know him as it has better players. More mature just saying you know hey the game's over whether I score touchdowns you know us I don't do decide make it to. As it's been a rough couple weeks for the hall getting kicked out of the Steelers game then fine for verbally abusing a then got into an altercation with a reporter this week. But you gotta figure a W and the way he played it makes all that that much easier to deal with in Dallas at the Redskins CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Redskins need four quarters to put Cowboys away

    Fri, 23 Nov 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. But nothing ever comes easy for the Redskins they led 28 to three at halftime. And 3513. Early in the fourth quarter in fact. Some of the press box that they should just take RG three out through doesn't get hurt what Kirk cousins take this one of the finish. It's a good thing I didn't do that because the Cowboys were quite a scare into the skins Santana Moss he's been through so many of these wars during Cowboys week. Usually ending up on the wrong end of the stick. Wanted this one really really badly. Feel great being honest. Got emotional you know then that have quarter those last drives you know cause you know the game's on the line not just like you know I'm kind of into the different itself. I was I was. You know we knew we insisted he'll be a good football team some point you know started off bad. Stunning home me and just pay attention to. What homecoming it was Robert Griffin the third and got to spend some time before the game with his dad. His former coach at Baylor forward Then went out had another record setting day becoming the first Redskins quarterback to beat Dallas on Thanksgiving. First quarterback ever to throw four touchdowns in back to back games. Here ourselves back and receivers making plays his confidence has become explosive. all out but they have been we can't be stopped. Thompson having a conversation with trend. That's peers are on and on his long touchdowns and the great kids. And I had to throw it it's only that spot and you don't see many guys make catches like that but I saw him brought him here. And he's making those plays you know everybody is just and I think everyone's feeding off each other. Very very impressed with Robert you know we've talked about this since you know they want me. You know I think he learns every game. There's mistakes made. And you know injury very tough on himself he worked through it where he works through those mistakes you know during a week. make a lot of them thank god but. He makes things happen. I'm still offense you know their poison when him after Indy Jared Ross. Courses replays it person positions it's easy to feel good to kind of put silly game and those guys that are very good job and I'll ask voice. Give a lot of credit to tie for about that late field goal I he remained perfect with the Redskins and told me after the game. Every kicker wants that pressure kick late in the game. One injury update. London Fletcher left in a walking boot but he said the advantage to having a short work week this week is he now has eleven days to get ready. For the Monday night game against the Giants. In Dallas rob Garland CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. GEICO SportsNet Central Update with Dave Johnson

    Thu, 22 Nov 2012

    CSN Washington dot com. He's actually sports net central Again Dave Johnson Geico sports at central update the second week in a row Robert Griffin the third nothing short of fantastic even when you're conserve a short round recap factored and I'm rob Grimm a thorough look right at home and his home state he was 48. at eleven yards for a touchdown that one interception for the passer rating of 132. Point six and the Redskins first ever Thanksgiving Day win over the Cowboys. 3831. At a Gordon for the head coach you player like. Paul Varies guy like cool and loopy. Don't get too upset about anything he has handled himself and goes about his business it's cool and it's. Must be pretty cool it's. I don't know that in December RG three outside man won the most explosive players in the league and he's not like rookie at all on me me as a player. He shows up in big games every time an Iowa makes him a great player in this league and it's only plays in this league is so I've been on the big stage and now he's on his way to do it. Anybody that watched that UNC did to him RG three was. Difference maker there. It's not an excuse we him well enough and might have people have to. Almost pinch myself to realized that he was that you play against Texas Tech a year ago. Is really. All right you're from Comcast sports that Syria is indeed it was the right number for the Redskins I'm Dave Johnson. For CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.