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Jerry Jones, Romo, and Cowboys mourn loss to Redskins



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Thu, 22 Nov 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. Plumbing business. The difference he'll say he brings -- -- outstanding player is it to see why they moved up in the draft to get him I think everybody I was really impressed with him. -- in college she was such a dynamic player Baylor. Not to won the Heisman Trophy and I think he's been able to carried out -- same skill set to the NFL. And again they use them while they do a lot of those things that he did in college and he's very effective in depth is also shown is effective doing other things. And he makes everybody else batter makes their running game better. The play action game because of his playing quarterback and because the run and is that much better so. And they did a really good job on offense again amid a lot of big plays in the game to -- it's a little plays in the game -- to put pressure on struck again. There's there's a lot of redskin and shoot them. Have they said not what kind of and I mean the way they play itself. You know there are few better and we -- that's for sure enough. They will -- it's a huge Phillies Johnson. I was I was. I was out of -- quarters -- football and I've been around long time. It's just I -- a fun few days now where I'm was convinced -- -- -- chance is -- similar thoughts and think about what you know I can do to help this football team get better -- exhausting. My brain thinking about. Things tonight. To do to help us get off to better starts and had to move the ball better and no I don't. You were over -- -- on -- haven't come back on these camps and we'd like to do it come differently obviously and I don't know I just think our football team needs to continue to grow and and can get better and do some things that'll help -- CSN Washington dot com.

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