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Santana Moss admits W over Dallas was emotional



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Thu, 22 Nov 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Rob the skins find themselves now in second place in the NFC east with Dallas at five and six. We keep talking about a Chris if the Giants lose Sunday night to green today. The Redskins can be host the Giants next Monday night with first place in the NFC east on the line that is absolutely remarkable -- first off. This one was not easy it probably should have been the Redskins led 28 to three at the half. 3513. Early in the fourth quarter back some of the press box said they just -- RG three victory doesn't get hurt what Kirk cousins take this one again. It's a good thing they didn't do that because the Cowboys put. Quite a scare into this -- Santana Moss he's been through so many of these wars. During Cowboys week throughout his career is usually ended on the wrong end of the stick. Wanted this one really really badly. Feel great you content. Got emotional you know then that's had a -- quarter those last drives you know cause you know the game's on the line and I just like you know -- -- kind of -- -- into the different tone I. So I was I was. Yeah you know we knew we insisted he'll be a good football team at some point you know we started off bad. We start new lives than home team just hits into continue. What do homecoming it was Robert Griffin the third and got to spend some time before the game with his dad. His former coach at Baylor forward -- Then went out had another record setting day becoming the first Redskins quarterback to beat Dallas on Thanksgiving. First -- quarterback ever to throw four touchdowns in fact to back games. -- -- ourselves back and receivers making plays his confidence has become explosive. They ball out like they have been we can't be stopped. Johnson have a conversation with Trent. -- peers are on and on his long touchdown and now tiger -- And I had to throw it it's only that spot and you don't see many guys make catches like that and I -- him brought him here. And he's making those plays you know everybody is just -- and I think everyone's feeding off each other. Very very impressed with Robert you know we've been talking about this since you know they want me. You know I think he learns every game. There's mistakes made. You know he's a very very tough on himself he worked through it where he works through those mistakes you know during the week. Doesn't make a lot of them thank god but. He makes things happen I'm. No offense you know -- poison when -- out of Africa degree -- and Bob. Courses -- replays it may put us in position to take you to -- -- to kind of put silly game and those guys that are very good job and I'll ask voice. Give a lot of credit to Kyle for about for hitting out late field goals such a clutch kick he still perfect for the Redskins RG three on his way back home to your. DC just we did this out said love coming back to Texas and getting the W on Thanksgiving. Big it. For our season and again they could be playing for first place. Next Monday night one injury update London Fletcher. Did not finish the game was on the sidelines -- -- an ankle injury he left in a walking boot on his left foot he did say though the good thing about getting a short work week. Leading up to this game on Thanksgiving. Is now he gets extended time before that Monday night game against the Giants. Eleven days to get himself right -- First all love rob Carlin checking Twitter during his live shot talk about a multi tasker. Good job they connected got to stay connected CSN Washington dot com.

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