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Did D. Hall keep his cool versus the Cowboys?



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  2. Dez Bryant0:32, 0:37, 0:46
  3. Cowboys0:33
  4. Gaza1:54
  5. Washington0:00, 1:57
Thu, 22 Nov 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. And the hole making that play at the end of the game was toward the hall first. Here's a guy who you know back in the day they saw me Angelo who he is. But to have the where revolved. To not score I know it's impossible almost thirteen seconds to get to -- the opponent but have the wherewithal to say you know what let me down the ball. We have control again. I was very unselfish play. And I think even more and so which was how we handled Dez Bryant the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver who was chirping. An awful lot and actually Dez Bryant was trying to provoke the usual all. We saw one little. Conversation they had after player on the sideline where deal actually got to give a little slot and then Dez Bryant started talking to him and lifted a put our real fast like you're going to punch him. The natural reaction man to man when this happens is strike. Well the -- hole did not strike he held his cool no flag was -- -- anybody but but Dez Bryant failed to try to get the goat of DeAngelo Hall -- got the last laugh when he could have scored a touchdown and chose not to. Badly you really need to see he was thinking. We always talk about how Robert reacts to stop and the response -- business and it is going out there reacting to it. Well the Angeles thinking in the game OK if I stop here we -- when that time off the clock that's a great thing when he gets a big not not because the guys that. He takes chances you know what makes him great. Makes people have to take shots at the because when you've got its gonna try to finish up the -- -- time you're gonna miss that a lot of guys don't get balls and go and -- We got to -- is when you Kessel as he had two interceptions. What what is that today we had that big play at the end. I think that guy goes -- he played a lot of emotion people don't like that we talked. I was just like a lot not a normal way you bring what I -- the talk to -- so quiet player that is the way there's some people played a game and others don't play that way some guys are quiet. Some Gaza not that you should going to go with she gets in Washington dot com.

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