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Fri, 23 Nov 2012|



CSN Washington dot com.

sports net central -- today.

Hey everybody Julie Donaldson for CSN Washington dot com. With a legend day keeps growing Thursday evening and Dallas Redskins cornerback Robert Griffin the third led his team to a highlight filled. 3831. Way and over the rival Cowboys not this morning -- as he spoke with Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan. About his rookie sensation.

Your head coach so -- you're not too excitable as him for the referees. That -- that while watching the post game and we talk about Robert what the numbers on him right now possess the bye week alone -- the bye week eight touchdown passes.

Nine in completions and -- Yeah we keep on working on the completion. And well known fact. It really does surprise me beyoncé -- because he doesn't practice. And normally doesn't complete a pass you know he's tough on himself and he's -- guy that. Come to work every day you can stay focused on the job and -- Lot of guys get caught up with everything else that goes on and he's able country and game plan and keep everything in perspective and one of the reasons or is gonna keep getting better.

gonna do it from here the Comcast sports net studios I'm Julie Donaldson for CSN Washington. Dot com.

CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. But Troy evolved DHL have some more and more games today and there all star game germ. What will that be any more any season this year. I'm gonna say that it's true there will be a season we just because a ridiculous optimist and there's nothing to be optimistic about right now. I can't believe this is still going on. They lost an entire season eight years ago. Then it the owners got everything they wanted out of that negotiation they got to 24 per cent cut salaries they got a salary cap they got everything rolled back. Their revenues have gone up. 50%. You know in the eight years since then and they come back and they not enough the players have agreed to even more cuts and Gary Bettman is sitting there saying. We're still not close that was so why do I think he'll be a season. Because I think that the owners are beginning to understand that Don Fehr who we just saw on the screen. Is is a different leader of that of the union and then they had eight years ago and Don won every negotiation when he led the baseball union. With the owners the owners and sooner or later we'll figure that out well. I think you up big yard there will be season also everyone felt that when he made this. These cuts in the NHL season that they will go all the way to win a class that's what I but I tell you that they just put it out to the fourteenth tells greeted guests on the field oppression. Yes she hit three billion dollars in revenues the most ever put the hot. This is not great baseball football or basketball the NHL doesn't have it like that. Not they stuff on the person they have to get back out there there's some people to say thinking about going all the way through the season and into next year. I don't think that you have that much I would doubt it did a lot of die hard hockey for us. But to take it affirmed did it from them one more year and try to push it and the next year UCL we typically get people back this the last time. Mean I think your picnic lunch and our mortgage is an important point I think hockey fans there are fewer of them to guess in football baseball basketball they're the most loyal fans in sports but at some point yeah even those guys will get fed up. There will get fed up enough we hope we have boxing them they obviously. I I'd love in my eyes I'm here and around the look at things ready. And so really I think make a run after last season what they did the class at the the caps in the rangers' two best teams in the east. Who knows they're not playing we'll find out CSN Washington dot com.

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  4. Jerry Jones, Cowboys "in awe of RG3"

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    CSN Washington dot com. Had two days you're ready throwing trapped in. we actually OK on the on the college stuff it just that likes to destroy the deep ball and and they hit some huge shots on us. Those artery you know recover from it deflate the entire team this just. Pointed and a thousand golf. Or deeper and of the plays was Mike. And they made some great kitchens and made some great plays it was unbelievable plays they were making. Then. Obviously our turnover. There was a big difference we dancer. Kind of is challenging forced to slow those guys down. We didn't do enough on offense to keep up put them in the first half. I thought our team responded well in the second half to get us back in the ballgame and make it one score game but it wasn't enough about to beat this team. CSN Washington dot com.